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So, you’re wondering what it’s like when a fully qualified heavy truck mechanic and a world class chef decide to start their own 3D printing company?? Well as luck would have it, we found two such guys and learn their story from the ground up. Steve and Dan are a couple of lifelong model railroaders with an itch to improve the hobby for as many folks as possible.

Yelton Models is quickly becoming a force to be reckoned with, with such products as the HO Scale replica of AC Tower in Marion, Ohio. There was unfortunately a little bit of ugliness when the Evel Overlord discovered they’d yet to create a website for their wonderful products, but after some negotiations and careful thought it was decide that it would be best for all if one was created post-haste. This is a great episode to be enjoyed well sipping margaritas on the beach in St. Maarten. Enjoy !!  

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