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If you’re gonna be in the Navy it might as well be on the deck of a carrier during the storm of the century and if you’re gonna be a member of the NMRA, it might as well be as the Conformance and Standards Chairman. Our next guest is Ex-Navy and the now serving the NMRA with the same commitment and enthusiasm as he did when firing jets off the deck of a carrier. But after trying to explain T-Trak to the Evel Overlord he’d rather be tied up in the Port of Memphis, Tennessee.

We first met Andy on AML’s Wednesday night Patreon chats and after finding out from Gordie the NMRA prez he’s running the Conformance and Standards department for the NMRA, it seemed only natural to have him stop by the ‘ole AML Studios for a more in-depth investigation of this model railroader. From filling the basement of his parents home with plywood to helping out with the Big Bend Model Railroad Association, Andy wears a lot of different hats and they all seem to fit just fine.

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