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It’s time once again to don the tin foil helmet and have our latest contestant attempt to answer a series of hard-hitting questions about model railroading and the choices they make on the journey of life. While cleaning the office and looking for spare change behind the filing cabinet we found this old cassette tape labeled “O Scale” in Quebec. Imagine our surprise when we discovered it was actually talented modeler Serge Lebel on the hot seat.

Turns out his superhero alter-ego would be “Stop Time Man” and all over the world people are sitting on the edge of their seats waiting patiently to hear what type of uniform he’d wear, perhaps a spandex one-piece uniform with his underwear on the outside and a gold cape. This is a great podcast with our old friends the “Spoon” and “the Mayor of Horne Payne.” So, grab yourself  a big bowl of shredded poutine, a tall glass of melted yellow snow and enjoy!!

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