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It’s time for another victim errr… We mean guest, to put on the tin foil hat and get ready to test their skills in the Kelly Questions. This time we travelled out west to the beautiful state of Oregon to find one of our favorite guests taking a nap deep in the forests of the Rogue River Valley. From doing a stint in the Navy, his roots of building architectural models, scale ships and whatever caught his fancy, Joe finally ended up at Micro-Trains in the booming metropolis of Medford with his faithful companion “Kelly.”

This round of the Kelly Questions was more difficult to score as Joe had trouble staying awake through the entire process. Constantly referring to scenery techniques as landscaping, convinced the only beer that mattered was Fosters, discussions of teaching “Kelly” how to properly take a photograph and singing Supremes hits from the sixties it was a long and difficult process. Get comfortable in your favorite chair with big bowl of shredded pine needles, a tall glass of standing water and enjoy!!!