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The Northeast/New England RPM Meet has been growing and growing over the past twenty years until it became one of the go to meets in the country. RPM Meets are all over the country and they truly began as simply someplace to display models finished or otherwise, meet old and new friends, learn some new techniques and leave by the end of the weekend enthused as ever about the hobby.  

The NERPM is not an exclusive group of super modelers, they are regular folks' like you and me. Some may be more talented than others, but most aspire to be better, to produce more realistic looking models and share ideas. Dave Owens and his band of merry men encourage modelers of all abilities to share what they accomplished so far: Finished or otherwise, completed or in-progress. There is no judgment, no one telling you that you are wrong, just good camaraderie. This is a great podcast that we’re sure you’ll enjoy!! 

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