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Image if you will, a magical town with cobblestone roads, beautiful shade trees, quaint homes, friendly folks and a large model railroad store so well stocked it wouldn’t seem out of place in any of the big city’s across America. It’s not a dream or fantasy, it’s Spring creek Model Trains in Deshler, Nebraska just twenty-seven miles from Strang, Nebraska, less than three hours from Omaha and barely two hundred miles from the AML’s own Tony Cook.  

This episode we chat with Jeff and Mike Zucker about the upcoming model railroad show that takes over the town of Deshler, for an entire weekend. Over the past decade the Zucker’s have hosted a biennial train show with many of the major model railroad manufactures represented.

So pack up your favorite AML t-shirt, your most comfy pajamas and get ready for a great weekend of home cooking, model railroading and down home fun !!

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