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We know what you’re thinking right now, what’s happening at the Medford Railroad Park right this minute. Not long ago we decided to install a direct line from AML headquarters in Busted Knuckle, Kentucky to the park so that we could stay in constant contact find with the modeler is simply known as “Kelly.”

Whether he’s spray painting the inside of his garage or pulling weeds down at the park, our little buddy is always up to something. So grab your safety vest, a handful of train club rule pamphlets and enjoy!!

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At 9:30 PM Saturday April 18th, Dave Abeles will host the second ‘Virtual Op Session’ on his Onondaga Cutoff. All the action will take place at MP 279, next to the dairy farm on a clear fall morning in 1994. Grab your Dodge Caravan and head trackside for some great train watching action. This is Conrail’s Chicago Line and Dave will tell us all about each train that passes by.

So grab your high vis vest a couple of bags of chips, a case of cold ones and enjoy!!!

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