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There’s nothing like going to an NMRA “Gateway 2022” convention to get the most out of the hobby and this year’s national convention is no different. With over a hundred different clinics, dozens of layouts to visit and operate on, lots of prototype tours, this is going to be a great event for all to enjoy. Plus, the St. Louis Cardinals baseball stadium is just down the street from the hotel.

Brad Joseph stops by for another visit to give us an update on all the comings and goings of this great convention, Brad’s full of energy and if his enthusiasm is any indication of what this year’s edition of the national convention is going to like you won’t want to miss it. So grab yourself a big bowl of shredded tour maps, a tall cool glass used decal solution and enjoy!!

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After numerous phone calls, several neutral site meetings, mountains of email and having our people talked to their people. It’s finally gonna happen, the editorial staff of Railroad Model Craftsman stopped by the AML studios in Busted Knuckle for an in depth interview. Now that Otto Vondrak is the editor of RMC he wants to promote the staff and let the world who’s behind some of the pages you’ve been reading.

This is a great interview and really helps everyone listening realize that RMC has some of the most knowledgeable people from the industry. So, sit back with a big bowl shredded expire Christmas cards a tall cool glass of printers ink and enjoy !!

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Third time’s a charm or at least that’s what the gang at ScaleTrains world headquarters in Benton, Tennessee are thinking. When Shane Wilson and his wife set out on the third leg of, their journey across America, towards the southeast and a whirlwind trip through Florida.  Visiting several clubs and private layouts while meeting new friends and catching up with old. This was much more than just an opportunity to sell more product but more to discover just how vast the model railroading landscape is.

They also managed to visit the Daytona International Speedway and take in the Daytona 500, visit with old friends from Shane’s Athearn days while taking in an Indy car race from the balcony of a condo twenty floors up. It’s a great recap of this latest leg of the ScaleTrains journey across America and one we’re sure you’ll enjoy !!

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Some modelers stand head and shoulders above the rest, our next guest has proven time and time again that he takes the hobby seriously while getting as much enjoyment as possible from every aspect of model railroading. Scott’s Milan Branch of the Iowa Interstate Railroad is quickly becoming one of the most recognizable model railroad layouts in the hobby.

So, we here at the ole’ AML World Headquarters decided it was time to swing  back and find out what Scott’s been up to. We decided to include Bernard Hellen of Miniprints because it was Scott who introduced him to us in the first place. This is a fun episode with lots of twists and turns, so grab your favorite 3D printed chair, a big bag of pork rinds and enjoy!!

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What’s the deal with guys named Dave?? Every Dave we’ve interviewed on the ole’ AML has a passion for model railroading that almost can’t be described in words and when you think about it, that’s why the Evel Overlord decided to start this podcast. Not only is he one of the most capable French horn players in the world, but our next guest also has limitless enthusiasm for the hobby.

This is a great discussion describing how the hobby helps David cope with the day-to-day pressures of a job that requires him to perform his best at all times. Plus, he describes the joys of friendship, some cool new products and how he eventually intends to replace the lawn in front of his home with static grass. Grab a big bowl of shredded musical scores, a tall cool glass of horn spit and enjoy!!

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