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Variety is the spice of life, and this All-Star variety Hour is the spiciest one yet, with multiple introductions, on the spot reporting and a visit to the world scanning championships it sure to put you to sleep before you know it.

After a poor attempt at an introduction, Kelly is brought in to help out, then Bruce the Mailboy and the Evil Overlord recount the fun they had with Hard Part in downtown Toronto. Next up is some excellent reporting from the S-Scale convention in beautiful Buffalo, New York.

Finally, we visit the World Scanning Championships in Reading, Pennsylvania with three-time scanning champion Kevin Marks. It’s an action-packed podcast that’s sure to bring a smile to your face with plenty of opportunity for introspective look at why raccoons prefer to be night owls.

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So, you‘re asking yourself, how does a guy from Austin, Texas end up modeling the Port of New York or more specifically the Hoboken Shore Railroad?? The answer is simple… Bananas, plus the desire for something different offering a lifetime of research and modeling. Long before modern day railroading there were so many railroads running into New York with lots of ports and barges etc., it seemed like a natural for our next guest to model.

But that’s not all, this layout uses the CVP Products “Airwire” to control the trains, it’s DCC but there is no power to the track. Each locomotive has a receiver and a battery. There is no wiring on the layout at all. But wait, there’s more… Riley is also the NMRA’s publisher and played a major role in getting the magazine to its digital format. This a great episode and one that we’re sure you’ll enjoy!!

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So, you can’t find a ski rack tall enough to hold your Batman snowboard, still trying to figure out why the engaging essence of your deodorant called “Salt of the Sea” smells more like worms in a can, or perhaps you’re trying to match the color of your 70’s avocado green refrigerator to paint your newly restored AMC Pacer.

We can’t help with any of these problems, but we can help you waste another ninety minutes listening to the latest edition of “Kelly” Questions. This time we’ve managed to lure in another unsuspecting model railroad manufacturer with the promise of increased sales based on his ability to get the highest score possible. Chris Costello of JL Innovative stops by the studio to try his luck under the tin foil hat. Grab yourself a big bowl of shredded packaging tape, a tall cool glass of acrylic caboose red and enjoy.

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Milestones are often times something to be celebrated and here at the ole’ AML Network we think Episode 200 is something definitely worth getting excited about. Thanks to the persistence of “Bruce the Mailboy,” the dedication of folks like the modeler simply known as “Kelly” and a host of others, we’ve arrived at a place many didn’t think was possible.

Model Rail Radio played a significant role in the birth of this podcast and with that in mind we decided there was no one more suitable to be part Episode 200 than its creator Tom Barbalet. Tom was always available during the infancy of “a ModelersLife” ready to answer questions and offer advice. So, with that in mind it’s time to find a comfortable place on the couch with a refreshing beverage and enjoy!!

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