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On this podcast we re-connect with an old friend of the AML Nation who’s taking his career to new heights. If you’ve never listened to the “Roundhouse” podcast we highly recommend it (https://theroundhousepodcast.com) Since the last time we chatted, Nick’s company Streamliner Media (https://streamlinermedia.com) and his podcast have soared to new heights making videos of all sorts while primarily focusing on railroads.

His East Broad Top introduction video is of the highest quality and is an excellent example of what Nick is capable of. Whether he’s interviewing Cheryl who created her latest musical album while riding an Amtrak train or producing a video for the aerospace industry, Nick is always on the move from one project to another. We had fun recording this podcast, look forward to chatting with Nick again and we’re sure you’ll feel the same way.

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What do Broadway musicals and model railroad operations have in common?? Well not much unless you happen to live in New York city and make your living working on the “Great White Way.” Stephen Atwell has been part of the AML Nation since the early 70’s but only recently had the opportunity to get involved in the operations scene in and around the “Big Apple.”

This is a fun podcast as we learn about Stephen’s first opportunity to operate on Phil Monat’s layout and travelling just a little further west into beautiful New Jersey to operate on Tony Koester’s “Nickel Plate” railroad. While at the same time being the resident electrical guru on Broadway’s next musical hit show, “K-POP.” Get comfortable in an aisle seat and follow along with the program as we find out Waz’ Happenin’ with our next guest.

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We’ve said it before and we’ll say again, social media, the digital age and access to so much more information through the wonders of the internet is changing model railroading at supersonic speed. One of the leaders in all of this is TSG Multimedia and John Abatecola, a very talented videographer and storyteller based in San Jose, California.

With an impressive catalog of over two thousand YouTube videos featuring an extensive series with Jack Burgess and his Yosemite Valley Railroad, product reviews, plenty of trackside action, chats with the always lovely Michelle Kempema, Wiley’s Wanderings and a host of other great videos, there’s more than enough to keep you busy while munching down a hastily thrown together hoagie at lunch time. So get ready to enjoy another great podcast.

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It’s time for another victim errr… We mean guest, to put on the tin foil hat and get ready to test their skills in the Kelly Questions. This time we travelled out west to the beautiful state of Oregon to find one of our favorite guests taking a nap deep in the forests of the Rogue River Valley. From doing a stint in the Navy, his roots of building architectural models, scale ships and whatever caught his fancy, Joe finally ended up at Micro-Trains in the booming metropolis of Medford with his faithful companion “Kelly.”

This round of the Kelly Questions was more difficult to score as Joe had trouble staying awake through the entire process. Constantly referring to scenery techniques as landscaping, convinced the only beer that mattered was Fosters, discussions of teaching “Kelly” how to properly take a photograph and singing Supremes hits from the sixties it was a long and difficult process. Get comfortable in your favorite chair with big bowl of shredded pine needles, a tall glass of standing water and enjoy!!!

The Penn Central Transportation Company is and was, one of the most maligned and disrespected railroads to ever grace the rails in the lower forty-eight. The result of a merger in 1968 with three different railroads, Pennsylvania, New York Central and New Haven it was a disaster from the start, filing for the largest bankruptcy in U.S. history just two years later in 1970.

But miracles do happen, the Penn Central is once again alive and well in the basement of the Homoki home in Central New Jersey. Jim has built an impressive layout highlighting some of the operations of the PC while combining it with the Central of New Jersey and Reading Railroad. This is a great podcast with lots of info on a variety of topics that we’re sure you’ll enjoy. So, sit back with steaming hot mug of joe in your favorite PC mug and enjoy!!

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