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This is the story of a boy and his heavyweight passenger car known as “Erie Business Car One.” When not running JL Innovative Design with his brother Mike, Chris Costello can be found pursuing his other hobby of collecting full size 1:1 railroad equipment and the center piece of his collection is “Erie One,” a private railroad car operated by the Erie Railroad Company.

 Private railroad cars, also known as business cars or executive cars, were used by railroad executives, dignitaries, and sometimes wealthy passengers for luxurious and comfortable travel. These cars were equipped with lavish amenities, including comfortable sleeping quarters, a dining area, lounges, and even office spaces to conduct business while on the move. Chris bought the car and with the help of some dedicated individuals is slowly bring it back to life. This is a great podcast and one we’re sure you’ll enjoy!!

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It’s the final part of all our NERPM interviews from this year’s event, we heard from more than a dozen different participants and each with an interesting story to tell. RPM meets continue to grow and attract a wide range of modelers with various interests in all types of different railroading. This year’s event attracted well over two hundred modelers and we’re already looking forward to some more great interviews next year.


In this episode we hear from avid Penn Central modeller Blair Davis, Erik Hansmann also known as Mr. RPM, the always lovable Chris Adams, Springfield show director, and man about town John Sacerdote and finally the man, the legend, none other than Dave Owens making sure everyone has a great time and occasionally gives people rides to dinner. So grab yourself a big bowl of shredded resin kit instructions, a tall cool glass of used decal water and enjoy!!

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If you’re gonna be in the Navy it might as well be on the deck of a carrier during the storm of the century and if you’re gonna be a member of the NMRA, it might as well be as the Conformance and Standards Chairman. Our next guest is Ex-Navy and the now serving the NMRA with the same commitment and enthusiasm as he did when firing jets off the deck of a carrier. But after trying to explain T-Trak to the Evel Overlord he’d rather be tied up in the Port of Memphis, Tennessee.

We first met Andy on AML’s Wednesday night Patreon chats and after finding out from Gordie the NMRA prez he’s running the Conformance and Standards department for the NMRA, it seemed only natural to have him stop by the ‘ole AML Studios for a more in-depth investigation of this model railroader. From filling the basement of his parents home with plywood to helping out with the Big Bend Model Railroad Association, Andy wears a lot of different hats and they all seem to fit just fine.

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Its’ ”Part Two” of the NERPM (excuse me) interviews direct to you from downtown Springfield, Massachusetts home each January to the big Amherst Society’s model railroad show held at the Eastern Exposition grounds and each June modelers gather together at the NERPM meet in downtown Springfield, Massachusetts to celebrate model railroading in a different way. With various activities such as clinics covering topics like weathering techniques, scratch building, layout design, historical research, and some hands-on instructional workshops. 

In this episode of the NERPM Chronicles, you will hear from such great modelers as Jim Homoki who discusses recent events on his Penn Central layout, Rob Hinkle fills us in on what’s up at the Operations Special Interest Group, Luis Segarra talks about being part of the show crew. Dave Oppedisano discusses starting his dream layout featuring his love of BNSF and Ted DiIorio tells about his hands on instructional weathering clinic that’s always a hit at any show he attends. It’s a fun podcast we’re sure you’ll enjoy!! 

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Modeling the New Haven Railroad in the mid-1950s can be an exciting and historically accurate project. The New Haven Railroad, officially known as the New York, New Haven and Hartford Railroad (NYNH&H), was a prominent railroad company that served the New England region of the United States during that era.

Our next guest is recreating as much of the New Haven Railroad as possible on three levels, with a track plan scaled down from the prototype, while enjoying the process and letting his creativity fill in the blanks. For Bill Chapin modeling the New Haven Railroad in the mid-1950s allows him to recreate a fascinating era in railroading history and bring it to life for the rest of us to enjoy!!

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