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This podcast is about Patreon and a new direction for the podcast… Some of the regular gang is here to help Lionel explain what’s happening with his limited ability to harness the english language.

ModelersLife has become quite successful (averaging almost 3,000 downloads per week) and rather than get involved with advertisers or make the show available on a subscription only basis this seemed like a good way to make more content available.

So sit back and listen while Lionel trys to explain what’s happening and you end more confused than ever.

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I know what you’re thinking… How do those guys with the big layouts do it, where do they find the time, where do they find the energy. Do they have help? Do they ever get tired or ever wonder if they’d taken on more then they could handle.

These questions and more are answered by Mike Deverell and Tom Jacobs both excellent modelers and very determined guys. 


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Convinced you’re tongue swells when not telling the truth…

Convinced those hay bales you see lying in the farmers fields are tractor eggs…

Convinced the flux capacitor in ’65 Rambler is in need of replacement.

Well it’s time to put all your worries aside and concentrate on ViewerMail as our intrepid heroes once again use invisible ink to sign the mortgage cheque.

So sit back with a tall glass of melted trailer grease, a big bowl of wet shredded paper and enjoy !!

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Bernie Kempinski is a noted model railroad author who’s written dozens of magazine articles and several books on the subject, many of them on layout planning. He is an active model railroader with his O Scale U.S. Military Railroad Aquia Line that’s set right in the thick of America’s Civil War.

Bernie has also built many models on commission for museums and individuals. A former U.S. Army captain, Bernard works for the United States government in Washington, D.C.

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The third in our series of discussions about the future of the NMRA. Will it survive without embracing the new digital world, can it survive under the current fee structure, what about the future of the NMRA magazine? These questions and more are covered in a lively discussion with some ModelersLife regulars along with Peter Borcherds view from the British Region 

Agree or disagree, either way. Enjoy !!

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