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An AML quickie podcast.

Who was the guy that told Jim Senese about when Chris Atkins said the Kansas City Terminal Railroad was one of his favorites. We don’t know but we hope the AML faithful will solve this mystery.

So sit back with tall glass of dull cote, a big bowl of pan pastels and enjoy!!!

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Another on the road interview from the Chicagoland RPM Meet using the sexy voicenator 500. Actually it’s the zoom H5 with Shurr hand held mikes but basically it's the same thing.

Lots of interesting information so sit back, put your feet up and try not to panic when you lean over to far.


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In this episode we learn all about the model/prototype railroading life of Dennis Drury a former signal maintainer on the Southern Pacific railroad. Plus we learn a great deal about the Sperry Rail Car Service, hi rail trucks and track maintenance in South America.

He’s had a fascinating journey including a short stint applying his model railroad skills in the 1:1 world of railroading.

Check out his article about using JMRI to create switchlists in the October, 2013 Model Railroad Hobbyist magazine. 


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So once again the Young Gun has done damage to himself, I don’t even like hearing about it. Listen to Shane talk about his encounter with the belt machine.

We’re joined by some of the other AML regulars and Milwaukee’s Trainfest quickly approaches. Take a chill pill… Speed kills Del.

Enjoy !!

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It’s Episode 85 with Steven Haworth. (pronouced hey-worth) He’s an avid Rio Grand Southern modeler with a great blog at: http://rgsrr.blogspot.ca/

I’ve had the chance to visit with Steven and he’s an interesting fellow so we here at the ole’ AML headquarters in Busted Knuckle, Kentucky are sure you’ll have fun listening.

Enjoy !!!

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