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Bruce the Mailboy wants to be a Master Model Railroader and Miles is convinced he can do it. So listen in while the secrets of being an MMR are unveiled right before your eyes.

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The United States Postal Service can trace it’s roots back to 1775 when Benjamin Franklin was appointed the first Postmaster General and for more than 200 years ran without a hitch until it began handling all of the ModelersLife correspondence. Often referred to as a gooey mess buy by today’s mail service, the AML Network as managed to bring a well run efficient operation to a mere standstill.

So sit back with your favorite hot beverage and a big bag of barbeque chips as the boys try to solve the problems of the world.

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Hey everybody, it's time for part two of the 93 part Miles Hale trilogy. In this episode we learn about his model railroad business and his desire to give back to the hobby. So sit down with a large mug steaming hot homemade squash soup and enjoy.

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It’s time for another Jim Rindt update as his first train show approaches with his new employer JMD Plastics. Jim discusses all things Jim and the preparations for live shows. Enjoy!!

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It's time once again for our intrepid hosts to answer ViewerMail even though they have know idea how to use a letter opener. Ever wonder what's it like to milk a goat well you won't find that out here but you be able to listen to a couple of mouth breathers wade through the latest mail.

So sit back with a couple of cheese tea biscuits and a warm glass of milk and enjoy the action.

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Welcome to Episode 37, I knew Miles would be an entertaining guest before I even asked him and wasn't disappointed and neither will you be. In the first part of the 87 part trilogy Miles describes his long journey to becoming a layout builder. This interesting stuff and best enjoyed while munching on a burrito. Have fun !!!

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It gets closer and closer until Jim's first train show in Minnesota with JMD Plastics. Preparations continue and Jim describes how he tries to buy everything before it gets out the door.

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