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Get ready to learn everything you need to know about photography, what exactly a HEMTT is (Heavy Expanded Mobility Tactical Truck.) Take a trip down memory lane with the Missouri Pacific or discover the joys of operating a GP-15.

We discuss everybody’s favorite condiment as we investigate some the most compelling issues of the day, right here in on another exciting edition of the Kelly Questions. So grab yourself a big bowl of shredded 36 mm film, a cool tall glass of used developer fluid and enjoy!!

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All the news that is the news… Ever wondered which railroad bought the most of General Electrics B36-7’s well then you’ve come to the right place, find out about this and all the other important news of the day in model railroading right here with Model Railroad News editor Tony Cook.

Enjoy !!

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Another Springfield interview this time with Christina Ganzer-Zambri the NMRA’s marketing consultant from the exhibitors lounge at the Amherst Railway Society’s show at the Eastern Exposition grounds in Springfield , Massachusetts.


Enjoy !!

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Ever wonder who’s in charge at the big Amherst Railway Society Train Show?? Well who’ve come to the right place, it’s our exclusive interview with show director John Sacerdote. 

We had the chance to visit with John in the show office just long enough to find out all the behind scenes goings on.


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Just in time for that busy Friday morning drive to work it's the latest edition of product news with Model Railroad News editor Tony Cook. 

Don't forget to take notes for the always popular Q&A after the game in the Whalers dressing room.


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Ever want to know how to get full use of the garage for your model railroad or how your wife might let you build a model railroad in the bedroom. It’s all here in the latest episode of a ModelersLife.

Like most of us Steve started out with a layout his father helped him build and now in retirement he enjoys the hobby even more.

Steve models the New York Central on a 4’X 8’ layout that was featured in Model Railroader. Check out his website here: hitopbranchmodelrr.com


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What can we tell you, our number one superfan Bruce Kelly had some hard hitting questions for Tony Cook editor of Model Railroad News, so we hit record button sent them back to their corners and told them to come out swinging.

Tony wants to meet Joe Fugate and we’d like to figure out the secret of the universe. So here’s a spur of the moment podcast which unlike all the AML shows that strictly follow a script.

So get yourself a tall frosty mug of spent rocket fuel, a big bowl of crushed Geep 9 parts and enjoy !!

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An interview with Shawn Cavaretta from MinuteMan Scale Models of Nashua, New Hampshire and interesting story of starting out in the model railroading industry with laser cut kits and ending up producing Scale Coat Paints.

So get yourself a warm mug of Pullman Green paint, a crunching bowl of dried brushes and enjoy !!!

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All the news that is the news in the world of model railroading with Model Railroad News editor Tony Cook.

It’s the most exciting 10 minutes in podcasting!!! Enjoy!!!

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Weathering, Chessie System, Ford Mustangs and DCC Trains in Cincinnati are important ingredients to becoming a well rounded model railroader. Especially if you live Indianapolis and have been custom painting locomotives since you were in middle school.

Jason has appeared on Ken Patterson’s show several times describing how to weather cars and he does the same for us here. It’s a great show with tons of information and before you know it you’ll be shopping for your own Shelby Mustang. Enjoy !!

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Shane “the Young Gun” and Ralph Renzetti discuss fading yellow on Union Pacific locomotives and we hear some more updates from Mike Deverell about his Colorado Front Range Railroad.

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This is a special report… Insert dramatic music here.

From the AML headquarters in Busted Knuckle, Kentucky it’s the Amherst Train Show product news show. Find out about all the exciting new products being announced by different manufacturers right here with Tony Cook, Model Railroad News editor.

We’ve searched every nook and cranny of the model railroad world to bring you all the news that is the news just for you to enjoy!!!

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Here’s the last interviews from ChicagoLand RPM with George Bogatiuk III from SoundTraxx and Pete Lakatos the Superintent of the NMRA’s WISE Division. 

Enjoy !!

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All the news that is the news in world of model railroading, with Model Railroad News Editor, Tony Cook.

Enjoy !!

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Our very own Chris Atkins tells us all about the big Dallas area train show at the Plano Centre in, you guessed it… Plano, Texas. There are all kinds of things to do and see. Loads of vendors, layouts, clinics, plus tours of individual home layouts.

So visit: dfwtrainshows.com for all the details and there’s even a link to view the bylaws of the North Texas Council of Railroad Clubs.

Enjoy !!

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It’s our annual state of the hobby with Joe Fugate and this year we’re joined by his wife Patty who’s very much involved with Model Railroad Hobbyist as well as just enjoying the hobby.

Join the editor of the hobby’s leading online magazine and some AML regulars as we look forward to the future of the model railroading.

Enjoy !!

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Model Railroad News editor Tony Cook guides us up to through all the goings on from around the world of model railroading. Everything from new HO Scale cars to the latest must read books, Enjoy !!

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Nothing says Christmas like barking dogs !!

Take it away boys !!

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Once again Christmas is upon us and you’re more convinced than ever that gingerbread sleep on a cookie sheet. Excitement is building as Santa’s little helpers are studying hard to learn the elf-alphabet.

This year we’ve circled the globe to bring you some of the nicest Christmas stories you’ve ever heard so sit back with a big bowl of reindeer toe nail clippings, a tall glass of melted yellow snow and enjoy !!

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Once again Model Railroad News editor Tony Cook keeps us up to date with all the goings on from around the world of model railroading. Everything from new HO Scale cars to the latest must read books, Enjoy !!

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Another interview from the ChicagoLand RPM meet. This time we talk with show organizer Mike Skibbe and the president of ScaleTrains.com Shane Wilson.

Lots of interesting discussion so sit back with a big bowl of crushed poker chips, a tall glass of recycled ditch water and enjoy !!

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Christmas is fast approaching so what better time to discuss all the great train sets available on the market. Bruce Kelly, Tony Cook and Shane "the Young Gun" help us decide what to place under the family tree. We also discuss other wonderful presents like the new ESU Cab Control. 

Other topics include ethnic costumes, Lionel's chances of qualifying for the Indy 500 and Bruce's close personal relationship with movie star Paul Newman and his contributions to the final draft of "Cool Hand Luke." 

Enjoy !!

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Here's Model Railroad News editor Tony Cook with all the news that is the news in the world of model railroading.

Enjoy !!

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An AML quickie podcast.

Who was the guy that told Jim Senese about when Chris Atkins said the Kansas City Terminal Railroad was one of his favorites. We don’t know but we hope the AML faithful will solve this mystery.

So sit back with tall glass of dull cote, a big bowl of pan pastels and enjoy!!!

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Another on the road interview from the Chicagoland RPM Meet using the sexy voicenator 500. Actually it’s the zoom H5 with Shurr hand held mikes but basically it's the same thing.

Lots of interesting information so sit back, put your feet up and try not to panic when you lean over to far.


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In this episode we learn all about the model/prototype railroading life of Dennis Drury a former signal maintainer on the Southern Pacific railroad. Plus we learn a great deal about the Sperry Rail Car Service, hi rail trucks and track maintenance in South America.

He’s had a fascinating journey including a short stint applying his model railroad skills in the 1:1 world of railroading.

Check out his article about using JMRI to create switchlists in the October, 2013 Model Railroad Hobbyist magazine. 


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So once again the Young Gun has done damage to himself, I don’t even like hearing about it. Listen to Shane talk about his encounter with the belt machine.

We’re joined by some of the other AML regulars and Milwaukee’s Trainfest quickly approaches. Take a chill pill… Speed kills Del.

Enjoy !!

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It’s Episode 85 with Steven Haworth. (pronouced hey-worth) He’s an avid Rio Grand Southern modeler with a great blog at: http://rgsrr.blogspot.ca/

I’ve had the chance to visit with Steven and he’s an interesting fellow so we here at the ole’ AML headquarters in Busted Knuckle, Kentucky are sure you’ll have fun listening.

Enjoy !!!

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Mike Deverell attempts to bring us up to speed on what’s happening with his Colorado and Front Range Railroad but as usual we talk to much and barely scratch the surface.

Enjoy !!!!

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Still not sure what happened at the Oscars, wish you could get today’s headlines three months late. You’ve always been curious about the origins of Pancake Tuesday, what’s the March Equinox, when is Easter?

You’ve been trapped on an escalator for three hours just four steps from the top. You don’t know what President Trump’s last name is, This is the show for you. Just a few guys sitting around discussing life’s little problems.


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The model railroad world is a buzz with all the excitement created by the release of the Tier 4 Gevo models from InterMountain and ScaleTrains.com.

Both models are very nicely done, we talk with both Shane “the Young Gun” and Tony Cook the editor of Model Railroad News. There’s lots to learn, when comparing the models from two different manufacturers side by side.

You’ll even get a chance to learn about the “flaming loop” an industry standard when it comes to testing model railroad locomotives. 

Enjoy !!

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It’s time to hear from ” the Young Gun” again as he discusses LokSound from ESU with our very own ”Ralphie Boy.” It’s a excellent review of the LokSound products plus the usual banter between Ralph the old guy and Shane ”the Young Gun!!”

We also name drop… Ken Patterson, Matt Herman and Bob Fallowfield to name a few. Enjoy !!

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It's a preview of the Kelly Questions Rounds 21-22-23. You can download the episode on our Patreon page. Just go to amodelerslife.com and follow the link.

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It’s a roundtable discussion about all things NMRA with the president Charlie Getz, marketing director Christina Ganzer-Zambri, NMRA Facebook guy and division representative for the Scotland division Gordy Robinson. Some of our show regulars all of whom have been deeply involved with the NMRA at some level, Bruce the Mailboy, Chris Atkins (the Atkins Diet) and Superfan #1 and creator of the much loved “Kelly Questions,” Bruce Kelly.

It’s a good discussion with plenty of topics to choose from, the aging membership, the discount program now available for members, internet vs hobby shops, putting the magazine on the internet plus a host of other topics are covered in this very interesting episode. 

Enjoy !!

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The Model Railroad Open House is an annual event that’s almost 50 years old which showcases model railroads in Maryland, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and West Virginia. Jerry Britton volunteered to take over organization of the great event recently and has created a great website for everyone to use.

Layouts are open in November, which coincides with National Model Railroad Month in conjunction with the Garden State, New Jersey, Philadelphia, South Mountain, and Susquehanna divisions of the NMRA.

Enjoy !!

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Mike Skibbe has gone from child laborer at a hobby shop to the guy who keeps everybody happy at the Naperville RPM meet. But it’s not in Naperville anymore it’s now moved across the street to Lisle, Illinois and it’s official name is Railroad Prototype Modelers Conference Chicagoland.

Mike is also an original member of the N scale Modutrak group, a collection of like minded modelers working to build a highly realistic N scale modular layout. Mike is fond of the phrase, better modeling through peer pressure but don’t fooled this just a group of guys trying to elevate each others modeling.

We also learned how to pronounce Des Plaines and Illinois. Enjoy!!!


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Wait… Just wait right there. 

In a hurry because life seems to busy, can’t decide between 1% or skim. Your dinner's ruined because your macaroni is sticky. Not sure whether or not to leave the ketchup in the fridge or the cupboard.

Well fear not, ViewerMail is here once again to make your life seem meaningless.

So sit back with a big bowl of shredded newspaper, a warm glass of freshly squeezed fish bait and enjoy !!

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After falling behind on all things podcast, like Facebook notifications, updating the website, updating Patreon and finally getting the podcast itself broadcast, I’m happy to report we’re all caught up… For now.

So Shane “the Young Gun” and I decided we’d talk about this and that plus a few other subjects such as how to make realistic tarps on open loads to celebrate. There’s always something to gab about here on the ole’ AML network and here’s another 30 minutes of your life you’ll never get back.

Enjoy !!!

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It’s none other than our very own Shane Murphy “the Cosmic Cowboy” back once again to regale us with stories of model railroading railroading in the great state of Texas.

This time Shane is here to tell all about his adventures in the world of live steam. His knowledge on the subject is boundless and his adventures in the world of live steam are great to listen to… With or without brakes. 

Enjoy !!!

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A quick 30 minute show of the events of the past couple of weeks and why the show seems disorganized on both the free site and on Patreon.

If you’re wondering why a 63 year old man would walk over 115km/70miles this might be the show for you. If you’re not interested this is still a good way to waste 30 minutes of your life. Enjoy !!

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This is a re-release of our very first Patreon Podcast and the first ever Shane Show. Enjoy !!!

Shane the "Young Gun"  could be a show all on his own so the first offering on our Patreon Page is the first ever "Shane Show." 

I know you'll enjoy this because Shane is full of energy and always has something interesting to say.

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We bought some new portable recording equipment, a Zoom H5 and the Sexy Voicenator 500 microphone a.k.a. Shurr SM 58. We tried it out at the AML barbeque with some decent results and decided it would be fun to try interviewing some folks at the NMRA Train Show in Orlando, Florida.

 It turned out pretty good as we talked to the folks at Peco Track, White River Productions, the Coach Yard, ScaleTrains.com, Gordy Robinson from the British Region of the NMRA, YouTuber Bob Olson and a couple of real live model Railroaders.

I hope you have as much fun listening as I did talking. Enjoy!!

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In this episode Chris relays his experiences at the Layout Design and Operations weekend in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Operation weekends are becoming more and more popular all across North America such Minn Rail, Prairie Rail and the always secretive Pro Rail.

Chris also shares his views on an array of subjects such as Social Media, places to eat and friends nicknames with an in-depth discussion on nicknames and how they come to be. The Layout Design Sig had a presence in Tulsa and Chris was happy to get plenty of solid input on his layout design. 


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What does an avid New Haven Railroad fan, bicycle racing, Connecticut State Legislature, pineapple pizza and brownies have in common?? Well if you haven’t guessed already we’re talking about Chris Adams and his Connecticut Valley Branch Railroad.

Chris is a fabulously interesting guy as you’ll find out, he maintains a website, a blog, has operating sessions, rides around Old Saybrook on his bike, is actively creating a photo library for New Haven Railroad Historical & Technical Association, (NHRHTA) Chris and the gang have catalog at least 11,000 images so far all the while eating brownies prepared with care by his wife Debby.

There’s lots more to tell but it would be just easier to just pull up a chair and listen. Enjoy.

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This is a re-release of our once a month podcast committed to the $5 and up level subscribers on our Patreon site as a thank you for their support.
The regular AML gang discussing all things model railroading and a few other topics as well. 

We don’t actually start referring to the show as the Virtual Hobby Shop (VHS) for a few episodes but that’s what we’re calling it.

Enjoy !! 

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Ever wonder what the DC-Car System is??... Me neither but when Uncle Larry started talking about it, we here at the ole’ AML Network got interested so we figured it would be worth listening to.

If who’ve ever wondered what model railroading with cars and trucks might be like, the DC-Car System is an interesting addition to the hobby. Find out about Faller’s depth cutting tool, special paint and motorized cars and trucks. Independently control lights, infra-red transmitters and receivers plus all sorts of other interesting stuff.

We also discuss how cool the possibility of exploding trains would be… The Addams family would be proud !!... I’m telling you this hobby is way bigger than any of us can imagine.

Direct download: the_Uncle_Larry_Show_8.mp3
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This is our second visit with Tim Warris the owner of Fast Tracks and it seemed like an ideal time to talk with him again as he begins a new adventure as the owner of Mt. Albert Scale Lumber.

Additional space at the home office in Port Dover, Ontario was acquired to accommodate the unique requirements needed. Tim has also retained the services how Gerry Cornwall, (the previous owner of Mt. Albert) who will be helping to ensure a smooth transition and help develop a unique line of structure kits.

This is a really interesting story with lots of twists and turns, enjoy

Direct download: Episode_78__Tim_Warris.mp3
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It's a preview of our first ever AML get together at Rochelle, Illinois.

Direct download: Picnic.mp3
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The “WhizKid” and “Straightball” are going Free-mo. The Ashland and Oshkosh has been born, give these guys some lumber a few wood screws, a Kreg Jig, some track and you never know what they're going to come up with. 

There's already a track plan that's been posted on our Facebook page and they're inviting each and everyone of you to join in and create your own modules to be part of the layout. Operations is definitely part of the future plans with a Tac-O-Nite mine and an ore dock being at the center of the action. They describe in detail their plans in this podcast so enjoy.

Direct download: Ashland_and_Oshkosh_Free-Mo_Layout.mp3
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Born in Woodstock, Ontario Bob enjoyed nothing more as a young boy then heading down to the CP rail yards near his home to watch trains. Now as an adult he models CP's Galt Sub in what can only be described as spectacular fashion.

It's October 1980 on Bob's layout rekindling childhood memories and reproduce the high volume of traffic during that time.

This is a great interview as Bob tells us all about his 12 x 30' basement layout which includes branch lines to St. Thomas, St. Mary's and Tillsonburg.

Bob is an excellent modeler willing to share as much information as possible in the true spirit of the hobby, so please enjoy!!

Direct download: Episode_77__Bob_Fallowfield.mp3
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This podcast was originally aired on our Patreon site on April 6th, and we're making available free to all those interested in the podcast.

It's not impossible to build a model railroad layout without a trackplan but it's considerably more difficult. Creating a trackplan can be one of the more enjoyable aspects of building your own model railroad but unfortunately it's not something you need to do on a regular basis.

So we decided to have a roundtable discussion exploring the pros and cons of layout design. We explored just a few of the many aspects that can be during the design process and had fun doing it.


Direct download: Layout_Design_RoundTable.mp3
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It’s the second installment of ScaleTrains.com month. In this episode we speak with Todd Arnett who is the Norfolk Southern expert for this very ambitious model building company. Todd is an enthusiastic modeler form the Charlotte, North Carolina area with an interesting story and gives us more insight into ScaleTrains.com


Direct download: Episode_76__Todd_Arnett.mp3
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Still trying to get that old Kool-Aid stain out of your favourite leisure suit? Convinced dinosaur farts could have been a huge source of renewable energy. Service dogs are convinced your dog is unemployed. As a child of the 70s your math teacher insisted you wouldn't have a calculator everywhere you went only to discover he was lying to you all along.

We can take your mind off your troubles and easily help you waste an 98 minutes of your life simply by listening to ViewerMail. So get yourself a big bowl of toaster crumbs, a tall glass of luke warm puddle water and enjoy.

Direct download: ViewerMail_Flight_58.mp3
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It’s the beginning of ScaleTrains.com month so a return interview with company president Shane Wilson seemed like the logical place to start. Lots of progress and excitement has taken place since we last visited with Shane. There’s been the release of SD40-2’s, Big Blow in N-Scale, the UP auxiliary water tenders, airslide covered hoppers, the tank car disaster and they even announced the Tier 4 GEVO.

It’s great to hear all the adventures that come from running a model railroad company. ScaleTrains.com is off and running making a place for themselves in the hobby so come along and journey with us. Enjoy.

Direct download: Episode_75__ScaleTrains.com.mp3
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Most people think Shane and Lionel first met in the 1940’s during the height of the big band era but truth of the matter is they really began their relationship on May 27th, 2016.

Did they bump into each other at the Dairy Queen in Liberty, Missouri or were they both standing trackside while rail fanning in Ottumwa, Kansas?? If you don't mind wasting 30 minutes of your life you'll find all the answers you need to know about this tempestuous relationship right here. Enjoy !!

Direct download: Shane_Meets_Lionel.mp3
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Still can't decide what to wear on that big date? Camouflage just isn't working for you?  Well, fear not!  Just in time for Mother's Day, the AML Spring Collection is here to solve all your fashion needs. Once again you’ll be able to impress friends, family and even co-workers with your uncanny fashion sense.

Direct download: The_Tee-Shirt_Show.mp3
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It’s the second installment of Green Bay month and it’s S scale or nothing according to Mike. Once again not far from the frozen tundra of Lambeau Field we discover model railroading is alive and well in Lombardi country.

His Dad worked for the Milwaukee Road, Escanaba & Lake Superior and they both worked for the Wisconsin Central. We also discover there’s more to S scale than just American Flyer. Enjoy !!!

Direct download: Episode_74__Mike_Ostertag.mp3
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This show has nothing to do with model railroading and everything to do with hockey. Shane ”the Young Gun” and Lionel like to talk and they like to talk about hockey. So sit back with a tall glass of warm ice shavings, a bowl of old hockey tape and enjoy!!!

Direct download: Tape_2_Tape_2.mp3
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Do you wake up in the middle of the night in a cold sweat trying to figure out what CV 29 is?? What if you want a train to run in the opposite direction on CV 29… Make it an odd number. Are you lost?? Me too but Uncle Larry and Shane ”the Young Gun” Mason are here to explain it to you. I don’t think Lionel ever understood what was going on but we’re sure you will. Enjoy!!

Direct download: the_Uncle_Larry_Show_7.mp3
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What do John Colombo, Zimo decoders, Peter Borcherds and hockey have in common?? Well John has a very cool YouTube channel featuring all sorts of locomotives and the sound he manages to get from them primarily using ESU LokSound. Zimo decoders are improving their sound files, plus we found out Peter has entrusted two of his locomotives to our very own Shane ”the Young Gun.”

Eventually though Lionel and Shane start talking about another shared passion, hockey and in particular the NHL playoffs. So if you’re interested in the hobby of model railroading this podcast might just for you but if you don’t like hockey… maybe not so much. Enjoy!!

Direct download: Tape_to_Tape_Episode_1.mp3
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Luke’s Soo Line 2nd Subdivision layout could be described many different ways, spectacular, breathtaking, magnificent or amazing just to name a few but one thing’s for sure if you ever get the chance to see it in person you’ll be amazed. Luke lives just a short distance from the frozen tundra of Lambeau Field in Green Bay, Wisconsin. Home of the Green Bay Packers.

Turns out Luke isn’t a huge football fan (Which is against federal law in Green Bay) but he is a huge fan of model railroading and the Soo Line in particular. He’s also a full time conductor with the former Wisconsin Central (now Canadian National.) Add this all together and you’ve got one great interview. Enjoy!!

Direct download: Episode_73__Luke_Lemmens.mp3
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Still trying to recover from jamming a coupler pic under your thumbnail?? Confused about 420 day and you celebrated the Montreal Locomotive Works 420E by mistake, can’t decide on a name for your favorite giraffe.

Well these problems will be even more confusing after wasting another hour of your life listening to ViewerMail. So sit back with a big bowl of furby ears, a big glass of old pineapple juice and enjoy !!

Direct download: ViewerMail_Flight_57.mp3
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I found a whole bunch of old tapes in the back of the filing cabinet and turned them into a show. Ralph ”Ralphie Boy” Renzetti and Shane ”the Young Gun” Mason talk weathering. Ron Klaiss talks about the railroad heritage in his family and finally Shane ”the Cosmic Cowboy” Murphy tells us about his experiences at the SoundTraxx installation school.


Direct download: Episode_72__Old_Tapes.mp3
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Don’t understand why the lady at the dry cleaning store can’t find your favorite Hawaiian shirt you dropped off over 10 years ago. Can’t figure out why your neighbors grass looks better even though you spread three bags of fertilizer in the fall of ’97.

Well fear not, these questions and thousands more won’t be answered as you stare blankly at the wall while listening to another exciting edition of ViewerMail. So sit back with a big bowl dried palm tree bark, a tall frosty glass of watered down windshield washer fluid and enjoy!!

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Episode 71: Eric Hansmann - I’ve known Eric for over twenty years and have followed his journey through life with great interest so it seemed obvious we should share his story with the millions of ModelersLife listeners.

Eric hosts two great blogs, one is about designing, building and operating layouts and the other about Resin Car Works. So if you’re interested to find out how a guy from Indiana, Pennsylvania ended up in El Paso, Texas via Morgantown, West Virginia this is a podcast you won’t want to miss !!

Enjoy !!

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Wayne Mollohan wondered if we were ever gonna release his Kelly Questions… We just did !! It’s been almost a year since he went under the microscope of the ”Questions” and we were sure they’d gone bad but when we opened the box they’d gotten even better !!

A Rhode Island resident and a great supporter of his local club the Providence Northern you can find them here: http://www.providencenorthern.com/

Thanks Wayne for being a good sport… Enjoy !!

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Ever wonder what it’s like to be a great saxophone player, a movie house projectionist and a signal engineer with the Union Switch & Signal Company?

We did too, so after searching high and low we found just the guy living on Long Island in Wading River, New York.

Dave’s career in signaling began after correctly identifying a crescent wrench, and several years of working for the New York Transit Authority lead to his present career designing signal systems.

He models the Long Island Railroad, loves volleyball and some day hopes for world peace. There’s lots to take in so listen carefully as Dave takes on an epic journey of his life. Enjoy!!

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A quick preview of whats available over in the Patreon site which requires a minimum of $2 bucks to listen.

Enjoy !!

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So you’ve just realized you can’t say the letter “P” without separating your lips… And you embarrassed because you just tried it.

Convinced fish are just aliens from outer space. Wish you hadn’t used your CA glue to keep your hair in place on date night??

Well fear not chaps and chapettes, ViewerMail is here once again to make all those problems seem like a blessing after wasting your time listening to three of the most confusing people on the planet.

So sit back with a big bowl road salt, a greasy class of warm bacon fat and enjoy !!

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We here at the ole’ AML Network are huge fans of todays millennial railfans and model railroaders like Nick Ozorak. He has a great podcast called the “the Roundhouse” and was gracious enough to spend some time with us.

Being raised on a steady diet of Canadian railroad equipment, O-scale trains and the weekends spent visiting tourist railroads with his father made him the railfan he is today.

Nick’s podcast is full of adventures from across the railroad community, presented in the most entertaining and professional manner possible.  


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RSS… Really Simple Syndication… I didn’t know that !!

So who do you call when you need to know stuff?? Apparently Chris Atkins, the star of Episode 23. Chris is here to help us understand life and other stuff.

He’ll also gives us an update on his layout, traveling around the country to different operating sessions and everything you need to know about moving a helix.

Turns out there’s no angry way to say bubbles.

Enjoy !!

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This podcast is about Patreon and a new direction for the podcast… Some of the regular gang is here to help Lionel explain what’s happening with his limited ability to harness the english language.

ModelersLife has become quite successful (averaging almost 3,000 downloads per week) and rather than get involved with advertisers or make the show available on a subscription only basis this seemed like a good way to make more content available.

So sit back and listen while Lionel trys to explain what’s happening and you end more confused than ever.

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I know what you’re thinking… How do those guys with the big layouts do it, where do they find the time, where do they find the energy. Do they have help? Do they ever get tired or ever wonder if they’d taken on more then they could handle.

These questions and more are answered by Mike Deverell and Tom Jacobs both excellent modelers and very determined guys. 


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Convinced you’re tongue swells when not telling the truth…

Convinced those hay bales you see lying in the farmers fields are tractor eggs…

Convinced the flux capacitor in ’65 Rambler is in need of replacement.

Well it’s time to put all your worries aside and concentrate on ViewerMail as our intrepid heroes once again use invisible ink to sign the mortgage cheque.

So sit back with a tall glass of melted trailer grease, a big bowl of wet shredded paper and enjoy !!

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Bernie Kempinski is a noted model railroad author who’s written dozens of magazine articles and several books on the subject, many of them on layout planning. He is an active model railroader with his O Scale U.S. Military Railroad Aquia Line that’s set right in the thick of America’s Civil War.

Bernie has also built many models on commission for museums and individuals. A former U.S. Army captain, Bernard works for the United States government in Washington, D.C.

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The third in our series of discussions about the future of the NMRA. Will it survive without embracing the new digital world, can it survive under the current fee structure, what about the future of the NMRA magazine? These questions and more are covered in a lively discussion with some ModelersLife regulars along with Peter Borcherds view from the British Region 

Agree or disagree, either way. Enjoy !!

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Just realized you’ve been mistakenly using Preparation H for toothpaste.

Dressing up as an M&M and running through the mall yelling, “the Skittles are coming the Skittles are coming,” got you arrested.

All your Facebook friends came for a sleep over??

Well fear not ViewerMail is here and won’t help you solve any of your problems but will help put you to sleep,

So grab a big bowl of grapefruit peels, an icy cold glass of windshield washer cleaner and enjoy !!

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I don’t remember how long we’ve known Joe Sacco but it’s a long time. His kits have been some of the best in the hobby for as long as I can remember, all of them are made in the USA and most of them are made in or near his hometown of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

As a model railroader with a fondness for urban structures, Jim felt the selection of existing structure kits in the eighties was rather small, so he decided to take a huge risk and go into the model railroad business.

A great deal of time and research has been put into every kit, many of the structures are molded from hand made patterns that capture the look and feel of actual buildings. Jim takes great pride in our products and want them to be of the highest quality possible while still being affordable to modelers.

And let’s not forget all the years Jim spent in drag racing. Enjoy!!

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So you've been focussing on clearing up your skin, growing more hair and shrinking that bulging waist line but need to take a break?

Well fear not my friends ViewerMail is here to take your mind off your troubles and add more confusion to your life.

So sit back with a big bowl of sidewalk gum, a tall glass of ice shavings and enjoy!!

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It's time once again for our annual state of the hobby address by none other than Joe Fugate the founder and publisher of the popular on line magazine Model Railroad Hobbyist.

The interview focusses on the success of the magazine, the effect that social media and the new digital world is having on the hobby overall. Plus we talk about TOMA "The One Module Approach" as well as a wide variety of other topics.

Joe also announces that his original Siskyou Line are coming to an end only to be replaced with a new and better Siskyou Line 2.

Enjoy !!

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Let's not kid ourselves, you've been dying to hear another episode of the Kelly Questions and you've been dying to hear more from our very own Uncle Larry.

Well it doesn't get any better than this, Uncle Larry answers the Kelly questions.

So sit back with your favourite sniffing glue, a bottle of warm cider, a box of chocolates from last year's employee Christmas party and enjoy !!

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Do you like trolleys, would you like to meet a guy that loves trolleys?? Well you’re in luck, Episode 64 features Kevin Marks, a man who’s love of trolleys may be second to none.

Kevin is a big fan of the Chicago, North shore and Milwaukee, also known as the North Shore line on the western shore of Lake Michigan... Well now I'm confused. 

We cover a wide range of topics and discover Kevin’s love of track work and fine dining.

Enjoy !!

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Convinced your donation of a glass of water to the local swimming team was enough.

Convinced dolphins are so smart that within a couple of weeks captivity they can train humans to stand at the side of a pool and throw fish at them.

Convinced you’re great at multi-tasking because you can procrastinate and be unproductive at the same time.

Convinced you’ll be happier after listening to ViewerMail Flight #50. Well, 3 out of 4 ain’t bad.

Sit back with a warm glass of dishwasher fluid, a bowl of tomato crumbs and enjoy !!

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Roundtable discussion about the future of the NMRA featuring Vice-President Clark Kooning.

All sorts of topics are discussed from a better fee structure to the NMRA YouTube channel.

The NMRA could embrace modern digital marketing and information distribution techniques... And on and on.

Enjoy !!

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George's Trains located in Toronto, Canada is one of the largest and oldest established stores for model trains in North America.

A family business, George's Trains is based on traditional values of honesty, fairness, and integrity.

George Olieux began tinkering with and repairing model trains for others just after WWlI and opened George’s Trains in 1962 with a style of doing business based on common sense, customer service, and honesty.

George's sons, Richard and John, entered the business in 1981 and 1984 respectively, and carry on the George's Trains legacy today.



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It's time once again for some words of wisdom from our very own Uncle Larry sitting in his underwear, eating Cheetos from his favorite beanbag chair.

Larry tries to explain splain technology to Lionel with a little help from his friends.

Good luck Larry, you're gonna need it. 

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Once again it’s time for ViewerMail whether you need it or not. Just like the stale soda you found in your car… You know it won’t be very good but you drank it anyway.

So sit back with an ice cold mug of glass cleaner, a bowl of dried orange peels and enjoy !!

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What can you say about a man that's had a lifelong interest in trains spent have his life as a fireman and has lived in more places than a traveling salesman. Not much but if you listen to Episode 62 I'm sure you'll be just as fascinated by this story as we were.

Enjoy !!

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Convinced that chocolate is the salad because Coco comes from a plant. You’ve decided the only way to protect those six pack abs is with a layer of fat. The long distance relationship you've been having with your fridge is to difficult so you’ve moved it to your bedroom. You're sitting at the corner of cool and awesome waiting for the bus of life to go by. Still haven’t found a way to say bubbles with a mouth full of pizza.

Well not to worry that fearsome threesome, those doers of good, the boys from down the street are here with another episode of ViewerMail. So sit back with some ice cold windshield washer fluid, a big bag of toast crumbs and enjoy !!

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Once again it's November which means it’s Marty McGuirk month except we didn't interview Marty and changed to Bruce Kelly month.

This is part one of the 26 part Bruce Kelly trilogy. Bruce is a model railroader who is pursuing all sorts of activity in the hobby after retiring from a 30 year career with the fire department in Westport, Connecticut. He’s just one of those guys that the longer you talk to him the more interesting he becomes.

We’re sure you'll enjoy listening to us listening to Bruce.

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It's time for another exciting version of, “What's on the Workbench,” featuring Mike Deverell. If you’re pinned down behind enemy lines and you see a Huey helicopter coming across the horizon to the rescue it's more than likely piloted by Mike.

Mike has a very successful series of videos on YouTube about his Colorado and Front Range Railroad located in the large building behind us home in Gig Harbour Washington. During the 2010 census the population of this beautiful spot was declared to be 7,126.

Mike discusses a variety of topics while all the while being the perfect host.

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It's time once again for another exciting round of the Kelly questions featuring our very own Andy Dorsch. As many of you know who follow Andy closely, he's from Ripon, Wisconsin. (Population 7,733) He models in a HO and he's currently working on the 87th version of his present layout.
Just after the birth of his son Henry, Andy announced his retirement from major league baseball but maintains his love of the Milwaukee Brewers and recently declared himself as a lifelong fan of the Toronto Maple Leafs.
So sit back with a warm glass of watered down orange juice, a brown banana and enjoy !!
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Once again it's time for our voluminous ViewerMail and this time we've tried something a little different by including Superfan Andy Dorsch. Number one in your hearts and number 11 in your program.

It's World Series time and for all you baseball fans out there a little known fact… Andy played semi-pro ball and in his heyday was known as "Straight Ball" Dorsch.

So get yourself a warm glass of rusty water, a big bag of soggy rice chips and enjoy!!

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Part two of the 37 part Blaine Hadfield trilogy is just as interesting as the first. It seems like it was put together with duct tape and binder twine but in the end Blaine saves the day and we ended up with another great episode.

Enjoy !!

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Here’s a roundtable discussion about remarks made in the Publisher’s Musing of the August edition of Model Railroad Hobbyist.

This discussion was initiated by our very own Young Gun, Shane Mason. You may agree or disagree but we hope you enjoy the conversation regardless.

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Once again it’s time for ViewerMail where we answer readers e-mails with little or no regard for our own safety, helping you out with life’s little problems like what to do if you’ve arrived late for work?? No problem, just leave early.

So grab a tall glass of standing water, a plate full of warm stove ash and enjoy !!

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ExactRail is dedicated to creating fine-scale replicas. Blaine is in charge of product development and ExactRail’s replicas are some of the most acclaimed models.

His story of how he ended up at ExactRail is one I’m sure you’ll find interesting. Blaine loves to talk trains and is happy to share his knowledge.

Enjoy !!

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Once again it’s time for another voluminous episode of ViewerMail.

Don’t think there’s time to listen because you’re getting a new dishwasher installed.

Pretty sure the e-mail you sent isn’t readable because Martians sucked all the ink off it. Your itchy teeth will make it hard to concentrate. 

Fear not, our fearless group of mail experts will surely make more than your teeth itch.

So sit back with a tall glass of cool sea water, a bowl of splintered wood and enjoy.


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Jeremy and Kristen Dummler from Wauconda, Illinois are a husband and wife modelrailroading team.

Jeremy has railroading roots from his dad, grandparents and great grandparents. Several years ago he began modelling the Yosemite Valley Railroad while Kirsten whose dad was a model railroader has interests in railroading from the eastern United States.

These two make a great pair and you’re going like their story.


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