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People walk in and out of our lives for various reasons without ever telling us why. Ray Kenny made a lasting impression on the Abeles family before losing his battle with Covid-19

Ray was the Senior Vice President and General Manager at New Jersey Transit when Dave Abeles introduced him to his family. We’ll never know for sure what effect he had on those kids but perhaps in some small way this podcast will pay tribute to Ray and all those who’ve lost the fight.

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This year‘s version of TomStock 2020 will have to be put on hold. We were able to cancel the Disney character parade, fireworks spectacular, Goodyear Blimp and Blue Angels opening ceremonies flyby. Regrettably we were unable to rebook Oscar DeWitt and his dancing seals - they will be missed.

Sometimes you just have to do the adult thing, so find a safe place for those folding chairs, funny hats, pool noodles, flip flops and BBQ tools, because

TomStock 2020, with “Three Days of Peace, Love and Little Trains” will happen a year later, a year better!

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After the fun of his first ever virtual operating session Dave Abeles couldn’t wait to try again. With the continuing Covid-19 crisis affecting everyone’s life it seemed like more rail fanning was in order so we decided to talk with Dave before and after his next broadcast.

The Chicago Line is always busy and there’s bound to be plenty of interesting traffic to see. So grab yourself some cold ones, climb into your favorite minivan and we’ll see you trackside. Enjoy!!

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Imagine being able to watch twenty-four hours of continual clinics from all around the world with a variety of subjects such as weathering locomotives, installing cell phone speakers, adding details, layout tours plus many other great topics all from the comfort of your own home.

Thanks to our pal Gordy Robinson a regular contributor to the ole’ AML network and leader of the NMRA’s social media team, you can do just that starting at 7pm EDT on Friday, April 24th.

So grab your favorite snack, ice cold beverage and your most comfy lawn chair and enjoy!!

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As so often happens here at the ole’ AML Network, we had no idea what we were doing when we gathered together for a discussion about nothing and ended up with a whole episode about something.

We cover everything from the excitement re-discovering the wonders of brass locomotives, understanding the meaning of life and considering a new direction in a hobby that offers unlimited possibilities.

So lay down on your favorite couch for a careful examination of what the hobby has to offer and what the future might look like.

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We know what you’re thinking right now, what’s happening at the Medford Railroad Park right this minute. Not long ago we decided to install a direct line from AML headquarters in Busted Knuckle, Kentucky to the park so that we could stay in constant contact find with the modeler is simply known as “Kelly.”

Whether he’s spray painting the inside of his garage or pulling weeds down at the park, our little buddy is always up to something. So grab your safety vest, a handful of train club rule pamphlets and enjoy!!

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At 9:30 PM Saturday April 18th, Dave Abeles will host the second ‘Virtual Op Session’ on his Onondaga Cutoff. All the action will take place at MP 279, next to the dairy farm on a clear fall morning in 1994. Grab your Dodge Caravan and head trackside for some great train watching action. This is Conrail’s Chicago Line and Dave will tell us all about each train that passes by.

So grab your high vis vest a couple of bags of chips, a case of cold ones and enjoy!!!

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We’ve travelled all around North America, been across the Pacific to Australia so it seems only natural that it’s time to head across the pond and find out what’s happening and in Great Britain.

Peter has always been a great supporter of the podcast and he’s about to set out on another great layout building adventure so it seemed like a perfect time to find out what he has in mind. So head on down to the chippy and get ready for another great podcast.

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This episode of the Kelly Questions is so old we thought they’d gone bad but fortunately the Moderately Agitated Mailboy stuck them in the fridge behind his ample supply of guacamole.

Let’s not kid ourselves, you’ve been anxious to hear another round of the questions so you could test your skills against some of brightest minds in hobby. Unfortunately none of those people listen to ModelersLife so all we have to offer is our buddy Chris from ExactRail. Enjoy !!

It’s time to check out what’s happening in other parts of the world and where better to start then on Australia’s Gold Coast, with one of the AML‘s most colorful characters. 

Martin puts in a lot of effort with the NMRA and is very active in the virtual world of model railroading trying to reach as many modelers as possible while helping to move the hobby forward, so it seemed only natural to find out what’s going on down under. So throw another shrimp on barbie and enjoy!!

Recorded on March 28th, 2020

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It’s time to check in with another one of our AML regulars. We’ve had a chance to talk with lots of folks and this interview was originally recorded on March 26th, 2020.

There’s been plenty happening on the Reading “CrossLine” layout and this seemed like as good a time as any to catch up. Enjoy.

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Turns out there’s all kinds of fascinating people working at New Jersey Transit and our next guest insists he’s not one of them. As a long time fan of the of the Susquehanna Railroad and regular operator of Dave Abeles’ Onondaga Cutoff he’s got plenty of interesting insights to share.

He’s also a operator on several layouts in the New Jersey area, works in a department with only two people and a very accomplished photographer.

So grab yourself a giant bowl of shredded waybills, frosty cold glass of Susquehanna railroad yellow paint and enjoy!!

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Everybody loves a good convention and this year’s NMRA National Convention in St. Louis promises to be a great one. There’s always lots of layouts to see, prototype tours, great clinics, an excellent train show and lots of friends to meet.

The AML nation talks about our plans as our very own Martyn Jenkins comes all the way from Australia just to make sure we have a good time. There’s some about registration that leads to a great discussion. So pull up a chair for some very intriguing questions. Enjoy.

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These days it seems as though the problems of the world are just to big to comprehend and keeping your head above water is almost impossible.

It’s time to rely on the AML Nation to once again pick you up and get you back on your feet.

The gang at HQ wants to help spread positive vibes and happiness around the world. We love helping you and others feel better, so have a listen to find out what the gang is thinking this week on another edition of, “Let’s Hug it Out.”


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So just imagine being a conductor on Amtrak’s California Zephyr through all of this mess. We couldn’t either, so we decided it was time to check in with our favorite, brass locomotive rebuilder, Ford Mustang restoring guy, bidet tester and all-around good guy. Enjoy.

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There’s nothing like getting emotional when making a podcast especially when it involves the AML Nation and model railroading. It was kind of a nothing day around HQ so many of the staff were sent home with enough sushi to last at least until dinner time.

Some days you’re just not feeling it and putting it into words can be the quickest remedy to getting back on track. So here’s some words of wisdom from the man with his very own cubicle on the 48th floor of the Stewart L. Sterling building.

This podcast is best enjoyed with a large plate of week old gas station sushi and some left over Yuengling.

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