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There's nothing better than finding an opportunity in the basement to expand your current layout and that’s what happened to the AML’s very own how to guy Ron Marsh. After his layout demolition video turned out to be so popular we decided to find out what the future holds for Ron’s Trains N’ Things.

Along with co-host Scott Thornton we try to find out which of the “Things” will be part of this exciting new adventure. So grab your favorite sledge hammer, dump out the shop-vac and get ready for a fun filled ninety minutes of railroading and stories about Scott’s pet hamsters.

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Bob’s Track Plans.com is probably the most comprehensive track planning website on the internet with almost a hundred different plans to view, enjoy and get ideas from. Bob simply takes pleasure from trying to replicate the appearance and operations of real railroads as faithfully as possible in miniature while applying this philosophy to his lifelong passion of track planning.

Recently Bob entered the world of 3D printing with great success and there’s many items available for purchase listed on his website. He’s lifelong model railroader with a passion for the hobby that’s easily recognizable in this episode. Enjoy. 

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We don’t use the term All-Stars lightly here at the ole’ AML Network but this episode of the “Stars” is truly out of this universe. Everything is covered, Tracy our Official Flight Attendant tells us about learning to identify locomotives using flash cards, Kaylee fills us in on what it’s like to stuff a decoder into a HO-Scale track mobile and finally MRN editor Tony Cook shares some product news.

After all that we still find time to discuss the stellar acting career of Charlton Heston and disaster movies of the 70’s. So grab yourself a big bowl of airline pretzels, a steaming hot mug of spilled jet fuel and enjoy !!

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Fabulous N-Scale layout, tools that will make your next model stand out from the rest, a dedicated model railroad store that’s growing like an over watered Chia Pet and much, much more all in one handy to use podcast.

On this version of the Variety Hour we visit with Walker Embry-Texas Ranger, Tim Warris of FastTracks fame and visit with Lorne James the owner of Otter Valley Railroad, a very successful hobby shop in Southwestern Ontario.

So sit right down in your favorite podcast chair with a cool refreshing beverage and enjoy!!

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In this episode of a ModelersLife we venture into the life of maybe the most energetic person we’ve met here at the ole’ AML network. Whether she’s busy being the executive director at one of the best model railroad experiences in the country or helping expand the knowledge of an enthusiastic child, Michelle can rarely be seen sitting still.

So put down your jar of queso, strap yourself into the fastest coffee cup racer you can find and be prepared to enjoy a podcast full of twists and turns!!

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Still need help getting that old John Deere tractor running, can’t decide which crops to plant this season, you’ve planted an acre of garlic but don’t have enough lettuce to make a salad??

You went down to the local Ace Hardware looking for expert advice from the manager about renovating your grandma‘s bedroom and all he wanted to do was sell you a Palzer’s Plumbing Supply kit and some HO scale industrial storage racking??

Fortunately it’s time for another All-Star Variety Hour which will be of no actual use but may help to relieve the pain of day to day life. So grab yourself a big bowl of moist potting soil, a tall cool glass of Benjamin Moore’s exterior primer and enjoy!!

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If there’s an award to be given out for the most enthusiastic person in this hobby, surely our next guest would be at the top of the list. George has been working for SoundTraxx over ten years and you’ve probably seen him at a train show or clinic somewhere in your area during that time. He’s a fan of the Missouri Pacific Railroad and willing to help any modeler with any questions.

When he’s not out on the road promoting the hobby you can usually find him between the pipes at the local arena making glove saves in rapier like fashion. George is a true ambassador to the hobby and a pleasure to be with, so put on your favorite Dallas Stars jersey, your Eddie the Eagle mask and enjoy !!

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Here at the ol' AML Network, there’s two things we always strive to achieve, hard hitting journalism, and ignore the facts whenever possible. So when the Evil Overlord visited Rapido Trains, it seemed only fitting to get the scoop on Jason Shron's crack team of model slingin' miracle workers.

It’s a whistle stop tour of the folks behind the scenes at Rapido, we get the lowdown on how Janet, Joshua, Jordan & Dan arrived at Rapido and what the hobby means to them.

So grab yourself a big bowl of shredded scale model flyers, a hot steaming mug of gearbox oil and enjoy!!

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We know what you’re thinking right now, what’s happening at the Medford Railroad Park right this minute. Not long ago we decided to install a direct line from AML headquarters in Busted Knuckle, Kentucky to the park so that we could stay in constant contact find with the modeler is simply known as “Kelly.”

Whether he’s spray painting the inside of his garage or pulling weeds down at the park, our little buddy is always up to something. So grab your safety vest, a handful of train club rule pamphlets and enjoy!!

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This episode of the Kelly Questions is so old we thought they’d gone bad but fortunately the Moderately Agitated Mailboy stuck them in the fridge behind his ample supply of guacamole.

Let’s not kid ourselves, you’ve been anxious to hear another round of the questions so you could test your skills against some of brightest minds in hobby. Unfortunately none of those people listen to ModelersLife so all we have to offer is our buddy Chris from ExactRail. Enjoy !!

Turns out there’s all kinds of fascinating people working at New Jersey Transit and our next guest insists he’s not one of them. As a long time fan of the of the Susquehanna Railroad and regular operator of Dave Abeles’ Onondaga Cutoff he’s got plenty of interesting insights to share.

He’s also a operator on several layouts in the New Jersey area, works in a department with only two people and a very accomplished photographer.

So grab yourself a giant bowl of shredded waybills, frosty cold glass of Susquehanna railroad yellow paint and enjoy!!

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So many aspects of model railroading and can be considered an art form and weathering your locomotives and freight cars is no exception. This aspect of the hobby continues to grow in popularity as the search for realism seems endless.

We’re checking in with one of the hobby’s premier grime creators to find out what he’s been up to lately. So grab yourself a bowl of shredded dee-cals, a tall cool glass of splattered engine grease and enjoy.

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We know what you’re asking yourself, what’s happening in Plattsburgh, Missouri right now?? The AML Nation reaches out to every corner of the globe and a sleepy little town north of Kansas City is no different.

This is the podcast you’ve been waiting for, an in-depth look into a fast-paced world of model railroad news. It’s non-stop action for this magazine editor, keeping his finger on the pulse of the world.

So grab yourself a big bowl of shredded set up sheets, a tall cool glass of printing ink and enjoy!!

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It’s time to fly the friendly skies of the AML Nation with our very own flight attendant Ms. Boyd. It’s another emergency podcast about those folks so easily forgotten while they do their job tirelessly, so we here at HQ in Busted Knuckle, decided to find out more about one of our loyal listeners.

It can be tough deciding which scale you’re best suited for and our next guest is no different. Everything from experimenting with Arduino‘s, giving N scale a try and then ending up back where she started.

So grab yourself a big bowl of stale airline pretzels, I’ll tall glass complementary warm water and enjoy.

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