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The world is starting to wake up again, just like Bert the Bear after a long winter’s hibernation and one sure sign is that model railroad shows are beginning to open up. We here at the ole’ AML Network pride ourselves on bringing you the latest news from around the hobby several weeks late. Our old friend Ron from Mine Mount Models is so excited about finally getting a chance to display his fine products in person again, he’s dancing around the workshop listening to his favorite Pointer Sisters album.

So grab yourself a big bowl of shredded shingles, a steaming hot mug of Titebond 2 glue and enjoy !!

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It’s part two of the “Koester Chronicles,” covering lots of interesting topics such as the origins of “Trains of Thought” and all those unpublished versions. We even found out where the puff ball  tree got its start and discover how a youthful “Uncle” Dave decided that cutting up one of his mom’s pillows to create an HO scale forest, probably wasn’t the best idea he’d ever had.

Pull up your favorite easy chair, grab a big bowl of dried foliage clusters, a steaming hot mug of scenic cement and enjoy !!

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We here at the ole’ AML Network constantly strive to bring you all of the latest up to the minute news in the world of model railroading. Unfortunately, we don't think that's actually ever happened except for once, when “Kelly” drove off his driveway and give us an on-the-spot report, but all he said over and over is that he's the safety officer for the Medford Railroad Park.

This podcast is over a year old, but fortunately we keep all our podcasts in the fridge, so they have that just recorded freshness. It's another exciting round of the Kelly Questions so you the listener can learn as much about our next victim errr… I mean guest.

So, grab yourself a big bowl of shredded newspapers, a tall cool glass of printing ink and enjoy!!

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When it comes to the world of model railroading our next guest literally needs no introduction after decades in the hobby, literally hundreds of articles, different magazines edited under his watchful eye, a monthly column read by tens of thousands, Tony Koester is simply an icon in the hobby. An alumnus of Purdue University, co-founder of the Nickel Plate Historical Society and some would say along with his good friend Allen McClelland, he popularized the idea of proto-freelancing.

This is part one of a five-part series in which Tony graciously takes the time to answer our questions, tell great stories and give us his “Trains of Thought.” Enjoy !!