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Tried of visiting the drive thru at McDonald’s in your cardboard car ?? You’re lonely because you and your imaginery friend Mickey have had a falling out ?? Still convinced the 40th president of the United States was Chuck Norris ??

Well fear not another episode of ViewerMail has arrived just in time. So sit back with a tall glass of pineapple cider, a big bowl of sour dill pickles and enjoy.

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Got some time to waste? Well who better to do it with than Uncle Larry.

You know him, you love him… He comes to every wedding… It’s the short bald guy that sweats.

So sit back with a refreshing glass of used motor oil, a bowl of lip balm and enjoy.

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Andy Dixson is our first interview from over home. (Lionel’s mother was English and she always referred to Britain as, over ome.) Andy was first introduced to the AML crew through all of his various posts and photos of British Steam.

As a young boy, Andy played a major role in the development of the Thomas the Tank Engine series.

He’s a graduate from the school of life, Former heavy metal head banger and currently building a three level layout featuring big American diesels.

When he’s not working on the layout or racing around the Welsh countryside photographing steam locomotives, you’ll often find him camping with his wife Catherine and son Issac.

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You finished giving your unicorn a bath, cleaned out all the bunny cages, cleaned up the basement, disposed of the body and you’re not sure what to do next.

Well you’re in luck, it’s time once again for ViewerMail.

So sit back with a nice cold glass of cider, a big bowl of relish, some mayonnaise and enjoy.

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This episode is about the fascinating journey of one man in the hobby of model railroading. Bill Brillinger has worked in several different facets of modeling. This has lead to a very successful company called Precision Design offering laser kits, custom decals and many other interesting products.

This is a great story. Enjoy !!

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