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It’s always fun to revisit old friends from the AML Nation and we’ve travelled all the way to Missoula, Montana for a catch-up with Cam Nealy. There’s been big changes since our last visit, a new job is just underway, and the railroad has a new emphasis on Marias Pass in the western portion of Montana.

Staging yards have been removed. Track arrangements changed, and the whole layout has a new meaning with helper districts being the emphasis of operations. Cam has built a beautiful layout and in this first installment he explains why the changes were made and what the future holds. It’s a great layout it’s a great podcast and one more sure you’ll enjoy.

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It’s Springfield Report number four where the action is exciting, and the interviews leave you hanging on every word. Once again, we sent out our intrepid reporter, the “Queso Cowboy” to find all the latest gossip in model railroading.

In this episode, we talk with the Four County Society of Model Engineers, there’s another visit with Matt Stern from Bachman, Jim Wiggin with all the latest news from Athearn, and a visit with one of our favorite freight car manufacturers, David Leilbach of Tangent Scale Models.

And if that’s not enough, some of the regular gang stop by to give their opinions on everything from the world cricket championships and travelling the highways and byways of America. It’s a great podcast and we’re sure you’ll enjoy.

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It’s part three of the “Springfield Interviews” and this time our very own Queso Cowboy takes to floor to get the latest scoop on what’s happening around the hobby.

In this report Queso stops by Mine Mount Models to find out about their first limited edition kit, there’s a visit with Rudy from Garbely Publishing and a great chat with the folks at Valley HO Trak. Plus he checks in on all the latest news from Walthers before stopping by the White Rose Hobbies booth to discuss they’re recent acquisition of Bethlehem Car Works and finally Matt Herman from 3D Central tells us all about this great new company. 

So sit back with some week-old candy floss, left over soda from your brothers BBQ and enjoy!!

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It’s Part Two of the Springfield Reports with more exciting interviews, more headline grabbing quotes, and an opportunity to hear about some of the exciting action in and around the ModelersLife booth in the Better Living Center.

In this episode, we hear from all sorts of different folks in the hobby, including Gordy Robinson the president of the NMRA, Bill Ford an avid AML listener, Matt Stern from Bachman, Kent Carrier from the R.I.T. club in Rochester, Brandon Bolwerk the travelling companion of “Mr. Jingles,” Michelle Kempema from the Colorado Model Railroad Museum, Matt Dawson one of the AML‘s favorite sons, and finally Otto Vondrak, the editor of Railroad Model Craftsman. It’s a great episode and one we’re sure you’ll enjoy.

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