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So, you're asking yourself, “what should I do with those unbuilt kits sitting on the shelf above the cheeseballs for the last thirteen years??” Well friends, we here at the ‘ole AML Network have discovered the perfect solution, Railroad Model Craftsman’s Dremel Kitbashing Award. Each month Otto Vondrak scours the globe for suitable submissions for the award and he’s joined us in studio to tell us all about it.

So, get yourself a new number eleven blade, a fresh tube of glue, some paint and before you know it, you too could be a SuperFan!! Enjoy!!

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There’s nothing like catching up with old friends and this edition of the “Variety Hour” gives us the opportunity to do just that!! It’s always fun to find out what weathering guy extraordinaire Rob Arsenault has been getting dirty and our favorite emergency room doctor (retired) is always got something going on and this time was no different. Whether you’re interested in painting an Argus aircraft or visiting the Queso Cowboy’s layout, this podcast has it all.

So, grab yourself a big bowl of shredded paint brushes, a steaming hot cup of paint thinner and enjoy !!

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Just a quick thank you for all those folks that unselfishly help with Lionel’s “One More Year” campaign to help those dealing with the mental stress of cancer. It’s the eve of another 100km/60mile walk so who better to share it with than the Moderately Agitated Mailboy and the modeler simply known as “Kelly.” Every dollar donated goes directly to the Psychosocial Oncology Clinic at Princess Margaret Cancer Centre.


Here’s a link to the webpage:  supportthepmcf.ca/ui/OneMoreYear/participant/6990129

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“We’re building an HO Scale two-truck Shay.” This was our introduction to a fireball who answers to the name, Keith Revell. Ever wondered how to start a model railroad manufacturing company?? You google it of course.

If you haven’t heard of KR Models before, you’re about to, they’re already well known in Great Britain and primed to burst onto the high-end scale model scene in North America plus other locales around the world. Tighten up your chin straps and hang on, we’re about to set off on a journey we won’t soon forget. Enjoy!!

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There’s always somebody interesting dropping into the AML Studios in Busted Knuckle, Kentucky and this week is no different when Mike Deverell of the Colorado Front Range stops by to tell us all about the big move, he and his wife are making cross country to be closer to family and start a new chapter in their life. Plus, we get to hear from Rodger Coleman a knew modeler and railfan learning all about this great hobby of ours.

So, grab yourself a big bowl of shredded moving boxes, a big steaming hot mug of luke warm travel center coffee and enjoy!!!  

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Like so many of us our next guest’s interest in the hobby began at the young age of four when he got his first cab ride in a Southern FP7 locomotive and after a chance to hold the throttle on a KCS NW2 at the tender age of eleven he was hooked. With his father being an avid historian, photographer and accomplished modeler, Chris was exposed to many aspects of the hobby. With over twenty-five years working as a full-time railroader and a love for model railroading “Home Shops” was born.

Freelance railroading in HO scale is big a part of the hobby and now you can own equipment from some of the finest layouts around. This is an exciting new idea we’re sure you’ll want to hear about. So grab yourself a big bowl of shredded dee-cals, a tall cool glass of Solvaset and enjoy!!

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