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Fabulous N-Scale layout, tools that will make your next model stand out from the rest, a dedicated model railroad store that’s growing like an over watered Chia Pet and much, much more all in one handy to use podcast.

On this version of the Variety Hour we visit with Walker Embry-Texas Ranger, Tim Warris of FastTracks fame and visit with Lorne James the owner of Otter Valley Railroad, a very successful hobby shop in Southwestern Ontario.

So sit right down in your favorite podcast chair with a cool refreshing beverage and enjoy!!

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Most people will tell say that to much chocolate is bad for you but for our next guest when it’s comes to model railroading you can never have to much chocolate. It’s seems as though Jim has done just about everything you can do when it comes to the hobby and still can’t get enough.

From his earliest days of owning a trucking company, hiring on with the CSX, soldering together turnouts in his car, discovering Proto 48 and becoming a conductor on the MBTA. (Massachusetts Bay Transit Authority) It’s a great story and one we’re sure you’ll enjoy… Listening to Us… Listening to Others.

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It’s been a tough four months for everyone and in the AML Nation and this seemed as good a time as any to check in with some of our regulars to find out they’re coping with life. Before we knew it was the longest podcast in AML history with everything from audio checks to stopping by the local car lot to pick up some new wheels.

Peter in England, Gordy in Scotland, Martyn in Australia, Neil in Hawaii plus many more. So find yourself a comfortable spot with a refreshing beverage and discover how “the Nation” is doing in these troubled times.

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In this episode of a ModelersLife we venture into the life of maybe the most energetic person we’ve met here at the ole’ AML network. Whether she’s busy being the executive director at one of the best model railroad experiences in the country or helping expand the knowledge of an enthusiastic child, Michelle can rarely be seen sitting still.

So put down your jar of queso, strap yourself into the fastest coffee cup racer you can find and be prepared to enjoy a podcast full of twists and turns!!

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