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This podcast is a great discussion between two railroaders about railroading over Soldier Summit, a sixty-nine mile stretch of rail through a broad valley pass joining the communities of Helper and Provo, Utah. Adam Pinales tells some great stories of running trains for the Utah Railway over the Summit.

It’s also the first AML podcast in history with two… Count ‘em two introductions. It’s a long story and not necessarily one you’re gonna want to share with the grandkids. So, get comfy on the couch and get ready for the podcast of your life.

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Tangent Scale Models has been producing and selling high quality, HO scale freight car replicas since 2007. Tangent’s owner and creator David Lehlbach is an avid model railroader that wanted to create exquisite models for everyone in the hobby to enjoy. All of Tangent’s cars are produced with the same enthusiasm that David has for the hobby.

If you’ve wanted to know more about the man behind the models this is a great interview with very open and honest conversation about our great hobby and an in-depth look at what goes into each and every car. So get comfortable in from of the Motorola with a steaming hot cup of cocoa and enjoy!!

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When it comes to model railroad podcasts there's only one that really counts, there's been others of course, plenty of others as a matter of fact but only one can declare itself the grandfather of them all. Of course, we speak of the AML Network’s original spinoff show, Model Rail Radio that's been gracing the airways of every self-respecting hobbyist for over a decade.

Since its inception model rail radio has set a high standard of podcasting delivering quality episodes and historic specials for old and new listeners alike. So grab yourself a big plate of shredded woofer's and tweeters, a steaming hot mug of melted copper wire and enjoy !!

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There are far more people earning their living from railroading in this hobby then anyone realises, of course we have our very own Spoon but this episode clearly displays how one man can love his job as a locomotive engineer as much as he loves the hobby of model railroading. Turns out operating 240 car unit trains by yourself on the Québec North Shore and Labrador railroad can be just as challenging as building a truly magnificent O-scale layout.

Find out more about on Facebook at CN Sanmore Subdivision in this great episode of “a ModelersLife.” Also check out the YouTube channel at: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCyjuCVikYlaZrkAhq6rGpkA

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