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Have you ever wondered what’s it’s like to buy a gift certificate from Otter Valley Railroad, it’s easy, unless of course you’re the Evel Overlord who usually gets frustrated trying to purchase a quarter pounder at the local McDonald’s drive-through on a blustery Saturday afternoon. This edition of the “Variety Hour” features our favorite hobby shop owners, Lorne James who knows more cliché, buzzwords and more acronyms than anyone else in the hobby.

We also hear from our much-loved NMRA president who’s quickly becoming known as simply “Gordy.” It’s a great discussion about how to connect the NMRA with so many others and how the community of model railroading is becoming as much about brotherhood as it is about the newest freight car release from your preferred manufacturer. So grab yourself a bowl of shredded hamburg wrappers, a tall cool glass of salt water from the North Atlantic Sea and enjoy!!   

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We’re checking back in with Chris from Homeshops.net for progress report and to discuss the possibility of creating a PS-1 boxcar from the Allegheny and Lackawanna Southern. All of the cars that come HomeShops are manufactured by Tangent one of the finest freight car manufacturers out there.

There’s also a rather long-winded discussion as Chris tries to school the Evel Overlord on the advantages of embracing social media and why the A&LS so desperately needs a Facebook page. Find yourself a comfortable seat, grab yourself a steaming hot bowl of shredded unnecessary discussion notes, a shot of your finest whiskey, (make it a double) and enjoy!!!  

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So you’ve watched “Uncle” Dave doing his Facebook live updates from the Onondaga Cutoff and can’t figure out how he manages to concentrate with all the action going on around him or wonder if he ever stops to catch his breath. Well here at the ole’ AML we’ve done some investigative reporting, digging up all the dirt that goes on behind the scenes with the help of our buddy Rich Wisneski.

But wait there’s more… You’re wondering how it’s possible that Midwest Model Railroad is quickly becoming one of the premier hobby shops in the country and do they offer their customers fresh donuts on arrival?? It’s another great podcast, so grab yourself a big bowl of shredded take-out boxes, a steaming hot mug of electrons and enjoy!!!

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Have you ever ever wondered what would happen if you tried to power your layout using Mother Nature and 1.21 jigiwatts of electricity?? Well as we all know the first thing, you’d have to do is change the flux capacitor, then carefully run some heavy-duty wire from the tallest tree in your backyard to a spot on your layout with the most electronic equipment and wait for the next thunderstorm coming down your street.

It's only been a few short months since Mother Nature wreaked havoc on Jerry’s PRR Middle Division and with the AML Nation cheering him on and an unwavering determination, things are slowly getting back to normal. Find yourself a comfortable chair and get ready for an inspiring  tale of one modeler’s perseverance to not let anything stand in his way of enjoying this great hobby. Enjoy!!!

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