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It’s part two of “What’s the Deal with Dave” more interviews, more questions and more insightful commentary into what makes this young man tick and why his mission in life seems to be spreading happiness and joy throughout the human race. In other words, “Uncle” Dave would like to buy the world a Coke and furnish it with love, grow apple trees and honeybees and snow-white turtle doves.

In this episode we hear from even more of Dave’s guests at the Station Inn as dozens of Norfolk Southern trains continue to roll by just a few feet away as he tries to teach the world to sing in perfect harmony. So imagine yourself relaxing on the porch on a warm summer’s evening with a cool refreshing Coca-Cola and enjoy!!

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We found him… We found the guy that actually wrote the book. After years of searching, asking questions, tracking down leads and interviewing thousands of possible witnesses, there he was… Hiding behind a big box of “ArrowHead Models.”

We first met Bob Zink eight years ago through our mutual friend Keith Thompson. Later on, we discovered he’d written the book about the Krause-Maffei locomotives, a diesel-hydraulic road switcher built in Germany during the sixties. Bob is a fountain of knowledge on this subject, but the interview suddenly took a different turn when we discovered he’d visited John Allen as a teenager. Tighten your chin straps, you’re in for a wild ride!!!

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There’s nothing like having the opportunity to meet new people and spend quality railfanning time with friends. The Station Inn - https://stationinnpa.com/ - located along the Norfolk Southern mainline just west of Altoona is probably one of the best railfanning spots in all of North America. First opened in 1993, as the brainchild of Tom Davis a retired school administrator from New Jersey.

Not long after it opened, an advertisement was placed in one of the more popular rail magazines of the day and a young “Uncle” Dave along with his brother and a couple of friends spent a weekend at “the Inn.” Dave’s been coming back every year since with an ever-growing band of characters, this was the twenty-nineth straight year for Dave and the first for the AML crew. With microphone in hand the “Evel Overlord” decided to find out what’s the deal with Dave through the eyes of his friends and brother Ben. It’s a great interview that we know you’ll enjoy!!!

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Our next guest has led a life of railroading since the day he opened his eyes, with parents that were supportive, Mike Burgett has been a railroader his entire life. Whether he was planting signals in the backyard of his childhood home or writing letters to the presidents of railroads, and sleeping in his own private caboose, high iron has been in his blood forever.

This is a fantastic interview with one of the most talented model railroaders on the planet and Mike is more than happy to tell his story, share his ideas and help others achieve the same level of success he has. After a visit to the Chesapeake & Ohio, Clifton Forge Division, “Uncle” Dave insisted that we get Mike on the phone and organize an interview. This podcast is packed with information, so find a comfortable spot with pen and paper in hand to take notes!!

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