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Once again it’s time for ViewerMail whether you need it or not. Just like the stale soda you found in your car… You know it won’t be very good but you drank it anyway.

So sit back with an ice cold mug of glass cleaner, a bowl of dried orange peels and enjoy !!

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What can you say about a man that's had a lifelong interest in trains spent have his life as a fireman and has lived in more places than a traveling salesman. Not much but if you listen to Episode 62 I'm sure you'll be just as fascinated by this story as we were.

Enjoy !!

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Convinced that chocolate is the salad because Coco comes from a plant. You’ve decided the only way to protect those six pack abs is with a layer of fat. The long distance relationship you've been having with your fridge is to difficult so you’ve moved it to your bedroom. You're sitting at the corner of cool and awesome waiting for the bus of life to go by. Still haven’t found a way to say bubbles with a mouth full of pizza.

Well not to worry that fearsome threesome, those doers of good, the boys from down the street are here with another episode of ViewerMail. So sit back with some ice cold windshield washer fluid, a big bag of toast crumbs and enjoy !!

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Once again it's November which means it’s Marty McGuirk month except we didn't interview Marty and changed to Bruce Kelly month.

This is part one of the 26 part Bruce Kelly trilogy. Bruce is a model railroader who is pursuing all sorts of activity in the hobby after retiring from a 30 year career with the fire department in Westport, Connecticut. He’s just one of those guys that the longer you talk to him the more interesting he becomes.

We’re sure you'll enjoy listening to us listening to Bruce.

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It's time for another exciting version of, “What's on the Workbench,” featuring Mike Deverell. If you’re pinned down behind enemy lines and you see a Huey helicopter coming across the horizon to the rescue it's more than likely piloted by Mike.

Mike has a very successful series of videos on YouTube about his Colorado and Front Range Railroad located in the large building behind us home in Gig Harbour Washington. During the 2010 census the population of this beautiful spot was declared to be 7,126.

Mike discusses a variety of topics while all the while being the perfect host.

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