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Once again it’s time for another voluminous episode of ViewerMail.

Don’t think there’s time to listen because you’re getting a new dishwasher installed.

Pretty sure the e-mail you sent isn’t readable because Martians sucked all the ink off it. Your itchy teeth will make it hard to concentrate. 

Fear not, our fearless group of mail experts will surely make more than your teeth itch.

So sit back with a tall glass of cool sea water, a bowl of splintered wood and enjoy.


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Jeremy and Kristen Dummler from Wauconda, Illinois are a husband and wife modelrailroading team.

Jeremy has railroading roots from his dad, grandparents and great grandparents. Several years ago he began modelling the Yosemite Valley Railroad while Kirsten whose dad was a model railroader has interests in railroading from the eastern United States.

These two make a great pair and you’re going like their story.


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So you thought you done with ViewerMail Flight #44, well guess again, due to some administrative errors our faithful mail carriers had to return to the scene of the crime.

But you’re still wondering why doesn’t stick to the inside of the bottle.

Still can’t decide if it’s wrong for a vegetarian to eat animal crackers?

Can’t figure out why abbreviation is such a long word?

Sit down with a glass of Floquil’s Railbox Yellow, some moldy grass and enjoy.


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As another flight backs away from the terminal and we prepare for take off whether you like it or not... This Boeing is going!!

It will really boost our ego if you pretend to like it.

If we are forced to make a water landing think of the great stories you'll have to tell.

So sit back with a warn glass of windshield washer fluid, a bag of stale peanuts and enjoy!!

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The YouTube Model Builders is a team of individuals sharing their knowledge about all things Model Railroading. 
It’s a non-profit group that includes a monthly live show called "YouTube Model Builders LIVE!," a free eMag, "YouTube Model Builders eMag" and "YouTube Model Builders Presentations". 
They like to assist new modelers and discuss the hobby while trying to inspire individuals by relaying their own experiences through YouTube. 

The eMag is produced bi-Monthly primarily to promote their YouTube Channels. The magazine is produced as a high quality ad free publication at no cost to you, the viewing public.

Enjoy !!

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