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We need a guy that’s spent quality time with the Secretary of Transportation, befriended a full-sized one-to-one railroad, worked with the governor of New Jersey to bring rail service in the Tri-State area to an exceptional level and stood knee deep in flood waters from Hurricane Ida.

In all of AML land there can only be one guy to fill this void and of course we speak of our very own “Uncle” Dave. When troubles a brewin’ there’s a job to be done, a cat to be rescued … Wait look, what’s that up in the sky, is a bird, is it a plane?? No… it’s “Super” Dave here to save the day and make your railroad big or small, operate the way it should.

So sit back with a big bag of movie theater popcorn, a large paper cup full of nearly flat soda and enjoy !!

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This episode features a well-respected modeler from the northeast that runs his own detail parts company, spent time as an associate editor at Railroad Model Craftsman magazine, wrote numerous articles for the model railroad press and authored one of the premier books for anyone wanting to learn how to detail model railroad locomotives. Scott shares experiences from over thirty years of building exquisite models.

When he’s not building models or selling detail parts, he’s a full-time locomotive engineer with New Jersey Transit running on some of the same lines other family members worked in the past. You can find his company KV Models here: http://kvmodels.com/

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We here at the ole’ AML World Headquarters have been concerned for quite some time that the Kelly Questions weren’t very popular anymore… Kinda boring and uninteresting, so we decided it was time to test the waters again. We held a series of meetings to determine who might be the most boring person in all of AML land and let him or her take a stab at these this hard hitting, investigative questions for a chance to find out what makes an AMLer’ tick.

So, grab yourself a big bowl of shredded score sheets, a tall cool glass of tattoo ink and enjoy !!

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It’s always fun to visit with old friends and catch-up with folks who’ve been on the podcast before so on this episode we visit with Tom and Bill who discovered each other through their YouTube channels. It’s a great example of the friendships that are being created through social media. They’ve become great friends and learn a lot from each other, so we thought we’d share it with the rest of the AML Nation.

Grab yourself a big bowl of shredded note pads, a tall glass of refreshing freshly squeezed electrons and enjoy!!

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