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Convinced you’re a potato because you both have skin.

Almost positive you were a pillow in another life.

You’re only one salty stick away from brilliance.

Well fear not my friends it’s time once again for ViewerMail. So sit back with a dried guava roll, a warm cup of vodka and enjoy !!

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Peter Borcherds is a British modeler from South Africa modeling Rochelle, Illinois in the United States midwest… Yeah we’re confused to. Truth of the matter is Peter is an outstanding N-Scale modeler with a passion for intermodal railroading. He’s that also one of those guys who can figure out electronics and all those other do-dads that make the lights go on and off.

A regular contributor to the ModelersLife Facebook page and we suspect an agent for MI-6. Peter is an excellent photographer having spent many days photographing trains in and around Rochelle.

We’re you’ll enjoy listening to this interview as much as we did doing it.

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Still waiting for the wonder kids in Silicon Valley to invent downloadable salsa?? You’ve decided sleep is just a time machine to breakfast. Convinced calories are tiny creatures that live in your closet and sew your clothes tighter at night.

Well fear not friends once again it’s time waste another hour of your life listening to a podcast that makes no sense.

So sit back with your feet in a big bucket of warm motor oil and enjoy.

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My name is Shane Mason is a very active model railroader, railman and a member of the Heartland N-trak of Kansas City. Shane posts all kinds of videos on his YouTube at “thebrakeman17”.

Shane has a thriving business installing DCC decoders in N-Scale locomotives. He’s only in his early twenties and living proof that the hobby is not dying.

So sit with big glass coconut juice, a bowl of chocolate covered cat hair and enjoy.

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