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Time has passed, a year has gone by, and another visit to the Station Inn in Cresson, Pennsylvania has produced more great interviews with some very interesting characters. Situated beside the Norfolk Southern’s main line from Altoona to Johnstown, Pennsylvania fighting over some of the steepest mainline grades east of the Mississippi. It’s a busy helper district with high-volume traffic.

In part, one of the Cresson Chronicles, we interviewed a delightful fellow known as John Zelehoski with a plethora of unfinished stories. We talked to Doug Watts, a former Conrail employee, lifelong railroader and finally someone that’s becoming a fan favorite with his cheerful personality, Ralph Heiss, or we like to refer to him as Ralphie Boy. This is a great podcast and one we’re sure you’ll enjoy.

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The hobby is dying, there’s nothing but old guys in it, and soon there won’t be anything left of model railroading. We here at the old AML Nation don’t believe that for a second and this podcast is solid proof that the hobby is alive and well. John McGuire is a 22 year old enthusiastic modeler with a talent for installing LED lights and DCC decoders. 

Installing LED lights in model railroad locomotives can add a realistic touch to your layout, making the trains more visually appealing and immersive. John decided to start Garden State Modelworks and is quickly becoming known as a master craftsman with installations. When “Uncle” Dave found out that all he had to do was meet John with a box of locomotives at a gas station on the interstate he was sold on the idea and seeds of this of this podcast were planted. Enjoy!!

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Much like President Franklin D. Roosevelt's series of radio broadcasts during WWII, “Uncle” Dave’s fireside chats have become a cornerstone of the AML nation, bringing calmness and stability to the fast-paced, ever-changing world of model railroading. Just like FDR, “Uncle” Dave’s fireside chats are designed to make complex issues and policies more accessible while at the same time avoiding that most common of all mistakes… Gluing your finger to your eyelid.

Whether Dave is discussing the ebb and flow in world of business and railroading, the hiring of conductors and engineers, getting ready for next year’s big Springfield show, his family taking precedence over all things railroading or just talking about one of his favorite railfanning spots, it all makes for great conversation. So grab yourself a big bowl of shredded hotel bed sheets, a tall cool glass of melted candle was wax and enjoy!!

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The hobby of model railroading just continues to grow and grow, and today’s electronics is opening up all sorts of avenues that we never thought possible just a few short years ago. One of those companies that is increasing enjoyment of the hobby is a small business located in Warwick, Rhode Island, called East Coast Circuits, specializing, in lighting affects for emergency vehicles, such as police, cars, firetrucks, ambulances and other vehicles like the UPS five-ton delivery van.

There’s also a whole range of circuits for crossing gates, traffic lights, burning fires and a range of other random lighting circuits. In just a few short years East Coast Circuits has made a name for itself and continues to grow. This is an amazing story of some enterprising fellows that decided to turn the hobby on its ear using nothing but a few LED lights, nine-volt batteries and a bit of wire. It’s a story we’re sure you’ll enjoy.

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