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We here at the AML Nation are always look for the sunny side of the street, the positives in life, turning that frown upside down, the sun behind every dark cloud, in other words the silver linings of life. Once again, the “Nation” will pull together and keep each other’s spirits up as we patiently wait for the model railroading event of the century. Lawn-tractor pulls, hot tub activities, baseball games, barbeques and bus trips are going to make TomStock 2020 well worth “Twice the Wait for Twice the Fun.” It’ll be the “Nation’s” greatest moment bringing together AMLer’s from across the globe to meet and rejoice and most importantly…

Third time’s a charm !!!

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Fifty years is a long time, especially if you’re a railroad passenger service that most critics thought of as nothing more than a stop gap measure likely to meet its demise sooner rather than later. Amtrak began with one painted locomotive a bunch of borrowed equipment a few full-time employees and a whole lot of anxiety on May 1st, 1971. It’s now time to celebrate a railroad that’s become a fixture on the American rail scene and of course where better to do it than right here on the AML Network.

So jump on board, grab yourself a window seat in coach, a steaming hot mug of gusto and enjoy!!

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And so begins an epic journey into the life of our next guest, we were first introduced to this gentleman by our very own “Uncle Dave” Abeles and true to his word Jack has turned out to be a very interesting study. In part one, we travel through the early years when Dave and Jack begin a lifelong friendship in grade five, it's a heart wrenching story with many twists and turns throughout that will surely bring a tear to your eye.

Grab a big box of Kleenex, some popcorn, your favorite soda and getting ready to listen to a romance of the ages.

Every podcast on the AML Network is like a bag of Cracker Jacks, you’re just never sure of what’s in the bag and this week is no different. First up is a visit with AML’s official videographer, Ron Marsh he’s been making some major changes to his railroad and this week talks about his plans to build a helix. Then after a quick visit with Bernard Hellen, the creator of MiniPrints we check in with “the Teaspoon” for another chapter of “George’s Journal.”

So grab that bag of week-old chips that’s been left on the counter, a steaming hot mug of leftover soda and enjoy !!

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This is a great episode about a young modeler, designer and businessman named Aaron Piotraschke. His love of interurban equipment and small industrial locomotives led him to 3-D printing and an opportunity to fill a void in the hobby. Aaron started producing quality HO scale shell kits for rare and unique prototypes like boxcab diesels, standard gauge traction motors and fireless locomotives used around industrial areas where explosives and other dangerous goods were manufactured.

It’s a great story of a creative mind and a desire to conquer the world, so get comfortable by the Victrola with a warm cup of cocoa and enjoy !!