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It’s often been said the best path to a balanced diet is to hold a cupcake in each hand. Here at the ole’ AML Nation we strive to offer a fair and balanced diet of model railroad podcasting.

In this episode we explore everything from what the July 4th is like in Lebanon, New Jersey, getting notes ready for an appearance on the “Dudes” show in St. Louis, Missouri and then finally discovering what life is like outback in Western Australia.

So grab yourself a big bowl of last summer’s left-over potato salad, some month old Jagerbombs and enjoy !!

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This is it, we’ve arrived at our final destination, the last stop on the road to discovering who can best replicate the look of stunned surprise on Martyn Jenkins face as he sets off on another model railroading adventure. With almost a hundred entries we picked the best of the best that the AML Nation has to offer in order to help Martyn pick the best photo.

It’s an exciting episode with plenty of paparazzi, red carpet interviews and a cast of thousands, so grab yourself a big bowl of shredded confetti, a tall glass outback pond water and enjoy !!

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This episode features two fantastic young men who found each other through the wonders of social media. Cam models the BNSF’s line over Crawford Hill and Marias Pass while John, who’s layout was planned by Bob Sprague, models the Union Pacific Mainline across the Cascade Subdivision in Oregon. These two young men typify what the next wave of model railroader will look like.

We were so excited to interview these two youthful modelers we couldn't hardly think straight, so bear with us as we talk remote operations, manned helpers, YouTubing and what the next generation of model railroader might look like in the years and decades to come. Enjoy!!

Well we finally did it, two hundred patrons and it didn't take that long at all. There's lots of excitement around the old AML headquarters here in Busted Knuckle, Kentucky with so many folks willing to plunk down their hard-earned cash just for a chance to tune in one more time each week. Bill Sampson from Minnesota wanted to do something special to recognize this momentous event with a special gift and we here at HQ decided to kick in a couple of T-shirts.

So grab yourself a big bowl of shredded raffle tickets, a tall glass of freshly squeezed coleslaw juice and find out who the lucky winner is.

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Founded in 2003 the small family business of Otter Valley Railroad served local customers and travelled the circuit of train shows throughout Southern Ontario. In the summer of 2011 a brand new 1,200 square foot retail store was built and packed from the ceiling to the floor with model train products.

Over the years Otter Valley has worked with such manufacturing giants as Bowser and Rapido Trains becoming an important source for individual items as they continue to grow and expand.

Surrounded by a great group of employees, Lorne and his capable staff continues to grow the product line while the future looks more promising with each passing day. This is a great episode as the Evel Overlord reveals his alter-ego Captain Grumblebum, so grab yourself a big bowl of shredded Canadian bacon, a tall glass of Maple syrup and enjoy.