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There’s never been a question about whether or not the AML Nation is packed with all stars as this episode clearly demonstrates. First up is Drew Warrington, a great example of the next generation of modeler that’s full of excitement and enthusiasm with a great desire to learn from others while looking to do his part in improving model railroading. Next we hear from our old buddy Gordy Robinson who’s about to enter the next NMRA elections in 2021 by throwing his hat in the ring for president.

Finally, we with Stephen Atwell, the owner of Midwest Model Railroad in Independence, Missouri, one of the fastest growing online hobby retailers out there. Stephen and I share some very exciting news but you'll just have to listen to find out what it is. So grab yourself a big bowl of shredded packing tape, a tall cool glass of BBQ grease and enjoy !!

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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to quit your job and purchase a successful model railroad company or perhaps purchase an Erie business car number one from the French Lick Scenic Railroad. Or perhaps you've wondered what it would be like to purchase a troop sleeper, a flat car, a high railer, a speeder or various other model railroad companies such as Durango Press and JL Innovative.

Well our next guest has done just that and never regretted it for a second, this is the story of someone who loves railroading, model railroading and the community that this hobby provides. It's a great episode so sit back with a big bowl of shredded seat covers, a steaming hot mug of melted axle grease and enjoy!!

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It’s time for our next contestant to strap on the tin foil helmet and answer some tough questions that are really of no use to anyone. Plus if you’re wondering what it’s like to move from Florida to New Hampshire in the middle of winter, you’ve come to the right place.

We’ll discuss everything the from the NMRA’s Achievement Certificate Program to exploring the pro’s and cons of ground water vs. river water and take an in depth look at swamp water. So grab yourself a big bowl of shredded cattle corn, a tall cool glass of melted yellow snow and enjoy !!

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Train shows are always fun, hunting for bargains, checking out what’s new, meeting friends and just soaking up the atmosphere. But while we’re out in the aisles mingling with the crowds having fun, there’s a whole bunch of other folks working their regular jobs, explaining their products and helping us enjoy the hobby as much as possible.

Episode 144 featured a great discussion about burnout in the hobby, so we took it one step further to examine how working train shows effect your hobby time. So put on your favorite smoking jacket, get comfortable in the lazy boy and enjoy !!

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There's nothing better than finding an opportunity in the basement to expand your current layout and that’s what happened to the AML’s very own how to guy Ron Marsh. After his layout demolition video turned out to be so popular we decided to find out what the future holds for Ron’s Trains N’ Things.

Along with co-host Scott Thornton we try to find out which of the “Things” will be part of this exciting new adventure. So grab your favorite sledge hammer, dump out the shop-vac and get ready for a fun filled ninety minutes of railroading and stories about Scott’s pet hamsters.

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Here’s another exciting round of the Kelly Questions which means it’s time for another contestant to strap on the tin foil helmet and tell us their inner most thoughts on a wide variety of model railroad subjects.

These questions have been hermetically sealed in a reasonably clean mayonnaise jar and stored in a specially constructed laser cut box under Tom Jacobs Reading “Crossline” layout. NO ONE… I REPEAT… NO ONE, knows the contents of these questions except for the modeler simply known as “Kelly!!”

After a quick trip to the hospital the contestant is at home and resting quietly. Please enjoy the podcast.

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Bob’s Track Plans.com is probably the most comprehensive track planning website on the internet with almost a hundred different plans to view, enjoy and get ideas from. Bob simply takes pleasure from trying to replicate the appearance and operations of real railroads as faithfully as possible in miniature while applying this philosophy to his lifelong passion of track planning.

Recently Bob entered the world of 3D printing with great success and there’s many items available for purchase listed on his website. He’s lifelong model railroader with a passion for the hobby that’s easily recognizable in this episode. Enjoy. 

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We don’t use the term All-Stars lightly here at the ole’ AML Network but this episode of the “Stars” is truly out of this universe. Everything is covered, Tracy our Official Flight Attendant tells us about learning to identify locomotives using flash cards, Kaylee fills us in on what it’s like to stuff a decoder into a HO-Scale track mobile and finally MRN editor Tony Cook shares some product news.

After all that we still find time to discuss the stellar acting career of Charlton Heston and disaster movies of the 70’s. So grab yourself a big bowl of airline pretzels, a steaming hot mug of spilled jet fuel and enjoy !!

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We here at the ole’ AML headquarters in Busted Knuckle, Kentucky are always looking for an opportunity to broaden our horizons and elevate our cultural standing in the community. Unfortunately we were unable to do that with our next guest but we did discover that being a world class horn player, the Dallas Symphony Orchestra and model railroading goes together like ice cream and brownies.

So grab yourself a seat upfront as we discover how classical music and the Missouri, Kansas and Texas Railroad live together under one roof. Enjoy.


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Fabulous N-Scale layout, tools that will make your next model stand out from the rest, a dedicated model railroad store that’s growing like an over watered Chia Pet and much, much more all in one handy to use podcast.

On this version of the Variety Hour we visit with Walker Embry-Texas Ranger, Tim Warris of FastTracks fame and visit with Lorne James the owner of Otter Valley Railroad, a very successful hobby shop in Southwestern Ontario.

So sit right down in your favorite podcast chair with a cool refreshing beverage and enjoy!!

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Most people will tell say that to much chocolate is bad for you but for our next guest when it’s comes to model railroading you can never have to much chocolate. It’s seems as though Jim has done just about everything you can do when it comes to the hobby and still can’t get enough.

From his earliest days of owning a trucking company, hiring on with the CSX, soldering together turnouts in his car, discovering Proto 48 and becoming a conductor on the MBTA. (Massachusetts Bay Transit Authority) It’s a great story and one we’re sure you’ll enjoy… Listening to Us… Listening to Others.

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It’s been a tough four months for everyone and in the AML Nation and this seemed as good a time as any to check in with some of our regulars to find out they’re coping with life. Before we knew it was the longest podcast in AML history with everything from audio checks to stopping by the local car lot to pick up some new wheels.

Peter in England, Gordy in Scotland, Martyn in Australia, Neil in Hawaii plus many more. So find yourself a comfortable spot with a refreshing beverage and discover how “the Nation” is doing in these troubled times.

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In this episode of a ModelersLife we venture into the life of maybe the most energetic person we’ve met here at the ole’ AML network. Whether she’s busy being the executive director at one of the best model railroad experiences in the country or helping expand the knowledge of an enthusiastic child, Michelle can rarely be seen sitting still.

So put down your jar of queso, strap yourself into the fastest coffee cup racer you can find and be prepared to enjoy a podcast full of twists and turns!!

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Here at the old AML network we’ve been wondering for quite some time now what exactly are those things that pop up from time to time on Ron’s Trains ‘N Things?? So we decided it was time for some hard hitting investigative journalism in an effort to find out exactly what the “things” are but unfortunately we were met with a series of vague answers and enough side-stepping to create a new dance craze.

Ron Trains ‘N Things has been the official how-to video channel of the AML Network longer than “Kelly” has lived in one place. But what if we brought together two of our favorite Rons to create one of the best product review videos ever seen on YouTube?? Unfortunately that wasn’t possible but we did manage to create a moderately adequate podcast. Enjoy!!

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Train shows are being cancelled all over the world these days, one right after another and with the recent news that Milwaukee’s TrainFest won’t be happening this year we decided to find out what’s the status of the number one train show in America.

The crack news team here at the AML Network scraped together enough cash to get bus tickets for the whole gang and made their way to Springfield, Massachusetts the home of the Amherst Railway Society Railroad Hobby Show to find out what the future holds for this great event.

So grab yourself a bowl of shredded floor plans, a steaming hot mug of boiled hot dog water and enjoy!!

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Still need help getting that old John Deere tractor running, can’t decide which crops to plant this season, you’ve planted an acre of garlic but don’t have enough lettuce to make a salad??

You went down to the local Ace Hardware looking for expert advice from the manager about renovating your grandma‘s bedroom and all he wanted to do was sell you a Palzer’s Plumbing Supply kit and some HO scale industrial storage racking??

Fortunately it’s time for another All-Star Variety Hour which will be of no actual use but may help to relieve the pain of day to day life. So grab yourself a big bowl of moist potting soil, a tall cool glass of Benjamin Moore’s exterior primer and enjoy!!

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If there’s an award to be given out for the most enthusiastic person in this hobby, surely our next guest would be at the top of the list. George has been working for SoundTraxx over ten years and you’ve probably seen him at a train show or clinic somewhere in your area during that time. He’s a fan of the Missouri Pacific Railroad and willing to help any modeler with any questions.

When he’s not out on the road promoting the hobby you can usually find him between the pipes at the local arena making glove saves in rapier like fashion. George is a true ambassador to the hobby and a pleasure to be with, so put on your favorite Dallas Stars jersey, your Eddie the Eagle mask and enjoy !!

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It’s another great podcast from deep in the valleys around Busted Knuckle, Kentucky. With the longest introduction in the history of podcasting, thanks in part to our very own Mike “the Spoon” Ostertag.

Mick Shea, a loyal listener for quite some time now, stops by to introduce himself. Plus one of our old standby favorites, Otto Vondrak the editor of Railroad Model Craftsman.

So grab yourself a big bowl of shredded resin decals, a tall glass of clear coat and enjoy !!

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Here at the ol' AML Network, there’s two things we always strive to achieve, hard hitting journalism, and ignore the facts whenever possible. So when the Evil Overlord visited Rapido Trains, it seemed only fitting to get the scoop on Jason Shron's crack team of model slingin' miracle workers.

It’s a whistle stop tour of the folks behind the scenes at Rapido, we get the lowdown on how Janet, Joshua, Jordan & Dan arrived at Rapido and what the hobby means to them.

So grab yourself a big bowl of shredded scale model flyers, a hot steaming mug of gearbox oil and enjoy!!

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It’s another exciting episode of the All-Star Variety Hour as two of our regular listeners have stopped by to update us on what’s happening in their neck of the woods.

First up is Brooks Willig from the Lone Star state of Texas to tell us of his latest adventures operating some of the finest layouts in the country with our very own “Speed’ Muller and then it’s William Simpson the official graphic artist of the AML Network keeping us up to date all the comings and going‘s in the Minneapolis, Minnesota area.

So grab your favorite Stetson, sharpen your ice skates and join us as we score the winning goal with another great podcast.

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Rapido Trains has become one of the most recognizable names in the hobby lead by a man who’s love of all things railroading is undeniable. After spending a whole day at the home office it was obvious that the staff of this industry leader seemed to be having more fun than the customers they serve.

This interview with Jason Shron the president of Rapido, is a clear indication of the commitment, enthusiasm, passion and excitement that everyone involved puts into each project. They even have a bus to pick you up in, so sit back and enjoy the ride.

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This podcast is a real pot pourri of ummm… Stuff. First it’s a continuation of the Waz’ Happenin’ series with a vest to the big island in Hawaii to find out what Neil Erickson’s been up to and then we travel to Australia’s Gold Coast and the Orkney Islands in the north of Scotland to visit with our buddies Gordy and Martyn immediately after their most recent NMRA X presentation.

Finally it’s off to New Jersey for some exciting news from Dave Abeles’s and the Onondaga Cutoff, about remote operations on his railroad. So throw another shrimp on the barbie, a tall cool glass of melted ice and enjoy!!

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One of the great things about this hobby is how many people are willing to share their knowledge with others. Our very own Kevin “Hard Part” Marks enjoys showing others how to custom build track just as much as he enjoys doing it for himself.

Hard Part recently began making quality videos showing how to use Fast Tracks fixtures plus some soldering tips and the proper use of fire extinguishers, all for the NMRA X program.This podcast is a quick introduction to his next video, Upstairs in the Workshop #3. So plug in your iron get your favorite tin of flux and enjoy!!

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In this episode we talk with one of the organizers from The Northeast Prototype Modelers Meet which is quickly becoming one of the best RPM meets in the country and continues to grow with each passing year. Plenty of fantastic clinics, great model display room and lots of great vendors.

This annual scale model railroading meet is always the weekend after Memorial Day. People travel from all over just for the chance to rub elbows with some great modelers and learn new skills. Plus each night is capped off with a huge raffle for door prizes. It a great listen, so get comfortable at the workbench and have a listen.

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People walk in and out of our lives for various reasons without ever telling us why. Ray Kenny made a lasting impression on the Abeles family before losing his battle with Covid-19

Ray was the Senior Vice President and General Manager at New Jersey Transit when Dave Abeles introduced him to his family. We’ll never know for sure what effect he had on those kids but perhaps in some small way this podcast will pay tribute to Ray and all those who’ve lost the fight.

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This year‘s version of TomStock 2020 will have to be put on hold. We were able to cancel the Disney character parade, fireworks spectacular, Goodyear Blimp and Blue Angels opening ceremonies flyby. Regrettably we were unable to rebook Oscar DeWitt and his dancing seals - they will be missed.

Sometimes you just have to do the adult thing, so find a safe place for those folding chairs, funny hats, pool noodles, flip flops and BBQ tools, because

TomStock 2020, with “Three Days of Peace, Love and Little Trains” will happen a year later, a year better!

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After the fun of his first ever virtual operating session Dave Abeles couldn’t wait to try again. With the continuing Covid-19 crisis affecting everyone’s life it seemed like more rail fanning was in order so we decided to talk with Dave before and after his next broadcast.

The Chicago Line is always busy and there’s bound to be plenty of interesting traffic to see. So grab yourself some cold ones, climb into your favorite minivan and we’ll see you trackside. Enjoy!!

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Imagine being able to watch twenty-four hours of continual clinics from all around the world with a variety of subjects such as weathering locomotives, installing cell phone speakers, adding details, layout tours plus many other great topics all from the comfort of your own home.

Thanks to our pal Gordy Robinson a regular contributor to the ole’ AML network and leader of the NMRA’s social media team, you can do just that starting at 7pm EDT on Friday, April 24th.

So grab your favorite snack, ice cold beverage and your most comfy lawn chair and enjoy!!

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As so often happens here at the ole’ AML Network, we had no idea what we were doing when we gathered together for a discussion about nothing and ended up with a whole episode about something.

We cover everything from the excitement re-discovering the wonders of brass locomotives, understanding the meaning of life and considering a new direction in a hobby that offers unlimited possibilities.

So lay down on your favorite couch for a careful examination of what the hobby has to offer and what the future might look like.

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We know what you’re thinking right now, what’s happening at the Medford Railroad Park right this minute. Not long ago we decided to install a direct line from AML headquarters in Busted Knuckle, Kentucky to the park so that we could stay in constant contact find with the modeler is simply known as “Kelly.”

Whether he’s spray painting the inside of his garage or pulling weeds down at the park, our little buddy is always up to something. So grab your safety vest, a handful of train club rule pamphlets and enjoy!!

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At 9:30 PM Saturday April 18th, Dave Abeles will host the second ‘Virtual Op Session’ on his Onondaga Cutoff. All the action will take place at MP 279, next to the dairy farm on a clear fall morning in 1994. Grab your Dodge Caravan and head trackside for some great train watching action. This is Conrail’s Chicago Line and Dave will tell us all about each train that passes by.

So grab your high vis vest a couple of bags of chips, a case of cold ones and enjoy!!!

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We’ve travelled all around North America, been across the Pacific to Australia so it seems only natural that it’s time to head across the pond and find out what’s happening and in Great Britain.

Peter has always been a great supporter of the podcast and he’s about to set out on another great layout building adventure so it seemed like a perfect time to find out what he has in mind. So head on down to the chippy and get ready for another great podcast.

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This episode of the Kelly Questions is so old we thought they’d gone bad but fortunately the Moderately Agitated Mailboy stuck them in the fridge behind his ample supply of guacamole.

Let’s not kid ourselves, you’ve been anxious to hear another round of the questions so you could test your skills against some of brightest minds in hobby. Unfortunately none of those people listen to ModelersLife so all we have to offer is our buddy Chris from ExactRail. Enjoy !!

It’s time to check out what’s happening in other parts of the world and where better to start then on Australia’s Gold Coast, with one of the AML‘s most colorful characters. 

Martin puts in a lot of effort with the NMRA and is very active in the virtual world of model railroading trying to reach as many modelers as possible while helping to move the hobby forward, so it seemed only natural to find out what’s going on down under. So throw another shrimp on barbie and enjoy!!

Recorded on March 28th, 2020

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It’s time to check in with another one of our AML regulars. We’ve had a chance to talk with lots of folks and this interview was originally recorded on March 26th, 2020.

There’s been plenty happening on the Reading “CrossLine” layout and this seemed like as good a time as any to catch up. Enjoy.

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Turns out there’s all kinds of fascinating people working at New Jersey Transit and our next guest insists he’s not one of them. As a long time fan of the of the Susquehanna Railroad and regular operator of Dave Abeles’ Onondaga Cutoff he’s got plenty of interesting insights to share.

He’s also a operator on several layouts in the New Jersey area, works in a department with only two people and a very accomplished photographer.

So grab yourself a giant bowl of shredded waybills, frosty cold glass of Susquehanna railroad yellow paint and enjoy!!

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Everybody loves a good convention and this year’s NMRA National Convention in St. Louis promises to be a great one. There’s always lots of layouts to see, prototype tours, great clinics, an excellent train show and lots of friends to meet.

The AML nation talks about our plans as our very own Martyn Jenkins comes all the way from Australia just to make sure we have a good time. There’s some about registration that leads to a great discussion. So pull up a chair for some very intriguing questions. Enjoy.

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These days it seems as though the problems of the world are just to big to comprehend and keeping your head above water is almost impossible.

It’s time to rely on the AML Nation to once again pick you up and get you back on your feet.

The gang at HQ wants to help spread positive vibes and happiness around the world. We love helping you and others feel better, so have a listen to find out what the gang is thinking this week on another edition of, “Let’s Hug it Out.”


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So just imagine being a conductor on Amtrak’s California Zephyr through all of this mess. We couldn’t either, so we decided it was time to check in with our favorite, brass locomotive rebuilder, Ford Mustang restoring guy, bidet tester and all-around good guy. Enjoy.

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There’s nothing like getting emotional when making a podcast especially when it involves the AML Nation and model railroading. It was kind of a nothing day around HQ so many of the staff were sent home with enough sushi to last at least until dinner time.

Some days you’re just not feeling it and putting it into words can be the quickest remedy to getting back on track. So here’s some words of wisdom from the man with his very own cubicle on the 48th floor of the Stewart L. Sterling building.

This podcast is best enjoyed with a large plate of week old gas station sushi and some left over Yuengling.

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So many aspects of model railroading and can be considered an art form and weathering your locomotives and freight cars is no exception. This aspect of the hobby continues to grow in popularity as the search for realism seems endless.

We’re checking in with one of the hobby’s premier grime creators to find out what he’s been up to lately. So grab yourself a bowl of shredded dee-cals, a tall cool glass of splattered engine grease and enjoy.

Direct download: Rob_Arsenault_-_WeatherMyTrains.com.mp3
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We can’t even imagine what it’s like to be in the New York City tri-state area right now but as you’re about to find out, there’s lots of people that have to carry-on regardless of the situation.

The show must go on as they say for our next guest who’s managed to himself right in the middle of the fray and decided to do his best regardless of the situation. We here at the ole’ AML Nation think you’re going to find this to be a very special podcast. Enjoy!!

Direct download: Waz_Happenin_-_Dave_Abeles.mp3
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It’s times like this when we truly need each other and so once again we’ve gathered together the very best that the AML Nation has to offer. We can’t guarantee you’ll feel any better but we can guarantee the next two hours will feel like two weeks.

Forget all your problems and worries as we take on a journey to find out what condition your condition was in. Grab yourself a bowl of Fruity Pebbles, a steaming hot mug of last weeks coffee and enjoy !!

Direct download: Lets_Hug_it_Out_Number_2_.mp3
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We know what you’re asking yourself, what’s happening in Plattsburgh, Missouri right now?? The AML Nation reaches out to every corner of the globe and a sleepy little town north of Kansas City is no different.

This is the podcast you’ve been waiting for, an in-depth look into a fast-paced world of model railroad news. It’s non-stop action for this magazine editor, keeping his finger on the pulse of the world.

So grab yourself a big bowl of shredded set up sheets, a tall cool glass of printing ink and enjoy!!

Direct download: Waz_Happenin_-_Tony_Cook.mp3
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It’s time to fly the friendly skies of the AML Nation with our very own flight attendant Ms. Boyd. It’s another emergency podcast about those folks so easily forgotten while they do their job tirelessly, so we here at HQ in Busted Knuckle, decided to find out more about one of our loyal listeners.

It can be tough deciding which scale you’re best suited for and our next guest is no different. Everything from experimenting with Arduino‘s, giving N scale a try and then ending up back where she started.

So grab yourself a big bowl of stale airline pretzels, I’ll tall glass complementary warm water and enjoy.

Direct download: Waz_Happenin___-_Tracy_Boyd.mp3
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It's an emergency chat with one of our regular contributors as we slowly make our way through this difficult time. Everything you wanted to know about being apprehensive when adding scenery to your layout is right here in one simple, easy to use podcast.

Chris is never afraid to share his thoughts in order to help other modelers, it's an interesting chat with an interesting guy. Enjoy!!

Direct download: Waz_Happenin_-_Chris_Adams.mp3
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Just like the great American cowboys discovering new territories west of the Mississippi, model railroading continues to uncover new frontiers that need to be settled. It’s a unique discussion and definitely food for thought.

And if that’s not enough we have another exciting round of the Kelly questions with a dynamic new challenger eager to show the world they can go on up against the best.

So grab yourself a big bowl of shredded cowhide, a tall glass of stagnant pond water and enjoy!!

Direct download: AML_All-Star_Variety_Hour_18.mp3
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When you’re having no fun and you’ve got the blues what can be done instead of eating a bun. Hey look, we’re poets and don’t know it.

You could probably do with something to take your mind off all the turmoil and uncertainty that has surrounded us through these troubling times. So here it is, the AML Nation to the rescue with a whole lotta nothing.

Grab yourself a big bowl of shredded test kits, a giant glass of leftover party beer and enjoy.

Direct download: Can_We_Hug_It_Out___.mp3
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The Chicago Great Western Railroad has been beautifully reproduced with an artistic feel some say is second to none. Jason has managed to faithfully capture the operation and geographical feel of the railroad.

As a locomotive engineer he’s a keen observer of realism and he’s managed to develop the skills and technique needed to recreate an amazing representation of the CGW in miniature. You can see more with Scott Thornton’s video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hFE8GSGsqRs&t=480s

Direct download: Episode_142__Jason_Klocke.mp3
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Just when you thought he was gone, the “Young Gun” has returned to restore law and order in the AML Nation. This time he headed west to ride the rails on the Durango and Silverton, then it’s a quick visit to the SoundTraxx world headquarters and a chat with George the Goalie.

After a quick trip to the zoo, it was time to be eastbound and down but it wasn’t long until our hero had a run-in with the law. It’s eighty-three minutes of nonstop action that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Enjoy.

Direct download: The_Shane_Show_7.mp3
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In just 114 days until the world will descend on the sleepy little town of Robesonia, Pennsylvania it’s an opportunity to experience the coming together of humanity and the AML Nation. The planning and logistics for this event is overwhelming and we’ve decided to give you an insiders look at all that goes into getting ready for such a tremendously popular event.

So grab yourself a big bowl of shredded bed sheets, I’ll tall glass of three day old beer and enjoy !!

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If you build it they will come… This is the final part of our thirty-seven part trilogy with childhood friends building a dream to share it with others. We never even touched on his remote dispatcher or frequent visits from Rapido trains, so there’s more to come.

Our long journey into night concludes with this episode about the Onondaga cut off, night operations play a big part on this railroad that runs twenty-four hours round the clock. There’s no rest for the railroad and no rest for the loyal crew. Enjoy.

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Just when you thought there couldn’t possibly be more, it’s part three of the Springfield interviews. We’ve got it all right here in one neat little package, a college professor, a flight attendant, an online magazine editor, a car dealer and a full size railcar collector, all on one great show.

Everybody that’s anybody stopped by the official ModelersLife booth this year to say hello, so grab yourself a big bowl of in flight snacks, a steaming hot mug of casting resin and enjoy!!

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Here’s a story about a couple of guys that want to manufacture HO scale free cars. They’re not going in blind with a couple of decades of experience and established racial relationships in China they’re ready to produce some unique freight cars.

But anyone in the industry can tell you that manufacturing cars can be a difficult process so this is a whole new approach and one we thought is worthy of reporting on. So check out prototype Junction.com and see for yourself. Enjoy.

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It’s part two of our thirty-seven part trilogy detailing the growth of the Onondaga Cutoff. How our intrepid hero manages to survive the many obstacles life threw at him with his trusty sidekick Jack always faithfully by his side.

This is a great story of human endurance, working towards a goal, friendship, a love of music and a hobby that brings joy to millions of people around the world. This is the continuing story of one man’s determination to achieve a childhood dream. Enjoy

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Stop the presses, sound the alarm, put down your coffee, grab your favorite crayon and get ready to take notes. It’s another year of on the spot interviews from West Springfield, Massachusetts hone to the Amherst Railway Society Model Railroad Show or just simply “the Big E.” We met so many fans that stopped by the AML booth (formerly City Classics) at this years Amherst Railway Society Railroad Hobby Show.


It was great to see the AML Nation becoming stronger with so many listeners of the podcast stopping by to say hello. So get yourself a steaming hot bowl of salted hot dog water soup, a tall glass of last years Insta-Set and enjoy!!

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Not everything in life is simple to understand but when it comes to this modeler and his love of the Denver & Rio Grande Western it seemed only natural that he’d throw himself into modeling Conrail in upstate New York during the 1990’s.

The Onondaga Cutoff, is a proto-freelanced railroad that’s gaining recognition for innovative thinking and exciting round the clock operations. It’s the beginning, of a thirty seven part trilogy, introducing you to a railroad that’s becoming a force in the hobby. Enjoy !!

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It’s another exciting round of the Kelly Questions and these questions have been hermetically sealed and stored on a shelf in the corner of Scott Thornton’s garage beside his priceless collection of belly button fluff. NO ONE… I REPEAT… NO ONE, knows the contents of these questions except for the modeler simply known as “Kelly!!”

Find out what happens when a Milwaukee Road fan from Minnesota tests his knowledge against some of the most difficult and mind bending brain teasers ever asked.

So grab yourself a chair, a big bowl of shredded surveys, a tall glass of steamed rain water and enjoy!!

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Amherst Railway Society Railroad Hobby Show is run by a community of people who share a fascination with railroads and can find it’s roots all the way back to the mid-1950s, when a small group of University of Massachusetts chemistry students and faculty members who realized that they shared a common interest in railroads.

Today, the annual Railroad Hobby Show occupies four buildings at the Eastern States Exposition, draws 25,000 people, and is one of the most respected railroad shows in the country. John Sacerdote has been show director for over 15 years and is always excited to talk with us about the upcoming show.

It’s a great podcast we know you’ll enjoy.

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This edition of Product News spotlights a new craftsman structure kit company looking to make a big splash into an already crowded pool. Mine Mount Models will enhance any layout with timeless designs.

Ron’s love for the hobby of model railroading is clearly evident in the fine kits he produces, with an emphasis on well thought out instructions to help each individual builder produce the finest model possible.

After just one year there’s a fine array of kits in every price range. It’s a great interview with a look into what it takes to get started in this industry. Enjoy!!

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There’s always lots of recordings to broadcast and we found these ones in the office of Kevin “Hard Part” Marks under what was left over from a mushroom Swiss burger from Bazil’s Pub.

We’ve already done a recap of the Great Cadillac Run a few months ago but these interviews are a must listen. If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to run a model railroad store in the middle of Nebraska you’ve come to the right place. This is a collection of individual recordings from all sorts of interesting people across the Midwest.

So grab yourself some leftover cannoli, a tall glass of Hillsboro Cream Stout and enjoy !!

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The featured guest on this episode has a long history in the hobby, is well known for his Siskiyou Lines Railroad and is the founder of Model Railroad Hobbyist, an online magazine which has become one of the leading magazines in the hobby during it’s short ten year existence.

Joe discusses the migration of advertisers, finding layouts to feature in the magazine, plus the overwhelming success of Running Extra, an online magazine. seeking paid subscribers. It’s another great interview with another great guest, so grab yourself a nice cozy spot beside the radio and enjoy!!

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Jason Shron and Rapido Trains have done it again by introducing another new exciting model into the world of HO scale railroading. Our very own Tony Cook is here to bring you all the details in another edition of AML Product News.

Following the success of the French build turboliners in the mid-1970’s Amtrak turned to Rohr industries in California to build modernized turboliners for use along the Empire Corridor.

After nearly 20 years of service, Amtrak selected one of the RTL sets to be rebuilt incorporating several improvements and a striking new demonstrator paint scheme. All of the equipment was retired from active service by 2004 but Rapido Trains has brought them back to life using original blueprints and field measurements with full detailed interiors. Both powered cars come with reliable drive systems working headlights and of course the DCC models feature accurate sound remastered from original videos.

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