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Not many things in life are more gratifying I life than achieving a goal or finishing a big project that’s well received by the intended audience and this couldn’t be truer for one of the AML Nation’s favorite sons. Our very own “Uncle” Dave has written what some are already calling the definitive book on railroad signalling and how it pertains to the hobby of model railroading. Dave’s excitement is infectious so we thought it would be fun to chat with Dave on the very day he received his first actual copies of “Guide to Signals and Interlockings.” It’s a great discussion, so get comfortable in your favorite easy chair with a big mug of cocoa, some of grandma’s world-famous apple pie and enjoy !!!

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What happens when a well-worn railroader crosses paths with a rookie… Lots of stern looks, shaking of the head, rolling eyes and gnashing of the teeth. The Mayor of Hornepayne has found himself a nice place to live, some heritage units to shove freight cars over the hump using a belt pack, while “the Spoon” tries to explain how to protect the spare board.

So find a comfortable chair, bring a big bowl of freshly buttered popcorn and enjoy the show!!

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They say it’s not the destination but the journey and this thirty-seven-part trilogy was one interesting journey, it took a while but we finally heard the story of Babbi and the O-Gauge layout. Jack’s lonely summer plus the memories of times he and trusty side kick Dave Abeles spent together, reads as well as any good romantic comedy. Jack’s story didn’t disappoint, so grab yourself a stale commuter station Danish, a soggy paper cup full of lukewarm coffee and enjoy !!

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There are so many facets and skills to learn in this great hobby of model railroading, it's impossible to master all of them and for many of us the best we can hope for is to be really good at one or two things such as trackwork, structures, DCC programming, painting, weathering and capable of handling some others. Creating the scenery for our railroads to run through can be almost an insurmountable task for some while others look forward to this aspect of the hobby with great delight.

On this podcast we handle a late-night  AML emergency  with our buddy Chris Adams a.k.a. Mr. Fitness as he struggles to convince himself that he has any of the skills required to create great scenery. So grab yourself a big bowl of freshly mixed plaster, a tall cool glass of matte medium and enjoy.

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When we last left our heroes, the scares of being separated after grade five were still freshly etched into their memories. The tragedy of the Pattenburg Tunnel “incident” still lingered on through a haze of ding-dongs, train tracks and coffee trucks. This story truly reflects what life was like at the end of the last century as our intrepid travellers leapt into the twenty-first century with the intention of helping the world understand the benefits and excitement that can only be understood with a properly run commuter rail service.

Grab yourself a big plate of shredded elementary school math tests, a steaming hot mug of week-old commuter station coffee and enjoy!!