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Shane “the Young Gun” and Ralph Renzetti discuss fading yellow on Union Pacific locomotives and we hear some more updates from Mike Deverell about his Colorado Front Range Railroad.

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This is a special report… Insert dramatic music here.

From the AML headquarters in Busted Knuckle, Kentucky it’s the Amherst Train Show product news show. Find out about all the exciting new products being announced by different manufacturers right here with Tony Cook, Model Railroad News editor.

We’ve searched every nook and cranny of the model railroad world to bring you all the news that is the news just for you to enjoy!!!

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Here’s the last interviews from ChicagoLand RPM with George Bogatiuk III from SoundTraxx and Pete Lakatos the Superintent of the NMRA’s WISE Division. 

Enjoy !!

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Working for the Norfolk Southern Railroad has only made the hobby of model railroading more intense for our latest victim… Err… I mean guest, James Mattern

When James isn’t busy as a regular crew member on Tom Jacobs, Reading layout, he’s busy modeling the post war Cornwall Railroad.

So sit back and relax with big frosty mug of diesel fuel as we bring you, “the Mattern Chronicles.”

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All the news that is the news in world of model railroading, with Model Railroad News Editor, Tony Cook.

Enjoy !!

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Our very own Chris Atkins tells us all about the big Dallas area train show at the Plano Centre in, you guessed it… Plano, Texas. There are all kinds of things to do and see. Loads of vendors, layouts, clinics, plus tours of individual home layouts.

So visit: dfwtrainshows.com for all the details and there’s even a link to view the bylaws of the North Texas Council of Railroad Clubs.

Enjoy !!

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It’s our annual state of the hobby with Joe Fugate and this year we’re joined by his wife Patty who’s very much involved with Model Railroad Hobbyist as well as just enjoying the hobby.

Join the editor of the hobby’s leading online magazine and some AML regulars as we look forward to the future of the model railroading.

Enjoy !!

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