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So, you‘re asking yourself, how does a guy from Austin, Texas end up modeling the Port of New York or more specifically the Hoboken Shore Railroad?? The answer is simple… Bananas, plus the desire for something different offering a lifetime of research and modeling. Long before modern day railroading there were so many railroads running into New York with lots of ports and barges etc., it seemed like a natural for our next guest to model.

But that’s not all, this layout uses the CVP Products “Airwire” to control the trains, it’s DCC but there is no power to the track. Each locomotive has a receiver and a battery. There is no wiring on the layout at all. But wait, there’s more… Riley is also the NMRA’s publisher and played a major role in getting the magazine to its digital format. This a great episode and one that we’re sure you’ll enjoy!!

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